Why haven't I heard about this before? why vision training is a well kEept secret

The idea that you can train your eyesight has actually been around since the early 1900s.

One theory about how the eye focuses came from Helmholtz (1855) when he published his paper about accommodation. His theory suggests that the focusing of the eye is accomplished when the ciliary muscle around the lens contracts, and then the lens expands and the eye can focus on nearby objects.

Actual illustration from Helmholtz's 1855 paper about accommodation.

The functional theory how the eye focuses assumes that all the muscles in and around the eyes are involved in focusing the eye, including the famous ciliary muscle. Of course, the brain has to understand what a person is seeing.

When you walk you do not use only one muscle - right?

You use several muscles as well as balance and motion when you walk. The brain sends signals to the various muscles telling them when to contract, by how much and for how long and when to relax. Not only can you walk, you can also run and dance.

Optometrists and eye doctors practice what is called evidence-based medicine. This means that procedures are tested and proven scientifically. Optometry is applied optics, the tests and treatments are only to ascertain and treat the symptoms.

Glasses correct your vision but you are still nearsighted when you remove the glasses.

Glasses and contact lenses merely correct the eyesight – they do not actually do anything for your myopia.

Since 1860, the optics business has grown to be a multi-billion dollar industry and, of course, it wants to continue being so.

From time to time new products are developed – for example, contact lenses were new in the 1950s. The first soft contact lenses were approved in 1971 and LASIK Laser surgery for myopia was approved in 1999. In the 1980s it became possible to manufacture progressive lenses with precision. All of these marvelous inventions were introduced with the maximum publicity, in huge advertising campaigns and sometimes whole magazines were dedicated to promoting the newest and latest technological wonder. So has all the attention been on how to make more money from your myopia?

LASIK surgery remove tissue from your cornea. However, the surgery do nothing for your myopia.

Vision Training is more about wellbeing rather than treatment management. It is also something you can do yourself and, therefore, not much money is involved. When you have perfect eyesight it’s not necessary to spend $1,000.00 for new glasses every few years.

Laser surgery is not something that lasts forever. Apart from the potential side-effects, you will most likely end up having to buy glasses again when your vision changes.

If you were to ask me, I would say that my eyes are the last parts of my body I would want to have surgery on.

Leo Angart world renowned author and Vision Trainer.

So now you know why you haven't heard about this before and you may be interested in throwing your own glasses away.

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