I'm not sure if it was the wisest strategy, but I landed at Sci-fi Scarborough 2019 alien to the concept, void of knowledge and without an understanding of the dalek-t. I was only interested in football as a kid; I got tunnel vision. Enough of the puns?

"What are the off-white ones called Steve?" [eyes roll]: "Shore-troopers Paul... they appear in beach scenes, so they will look authentic on the beach."

Ice cream?

For those who don't know, Sci-fi Scarborough is an annual event that fills the realm-like seafront Spa complex with a two-day programme of events, features, stalls, actors, workshops, gaming zones, role play rooms, bar, live music, cafeteria etc. there's even a cardboard complex for kids to build their own empires. That four mere mortals are able to organise such an epic convention is beyond impressive.

For those who have never dipped their toes into such an occasion you could do far worse than this; I am the benchmark for the 'uninitiated', but had a truly fantastic weekend and met some lovely characters. If I found a downside it was only that I walked until my legs wouldn't work - they do have chairs, but the venue is huge and I was chasing photographs... The tunnel vision continues, but the football legs are long gone.

I didn't get to the Geek Pub Quiz this time, but I intend to storm it next year...

In pictures

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Paul J James

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