CU 1010 Journal Spring 2017

1.31.17: What time management strategies did you use last semester? How well did they work?

Last semester, I honestly did not manage my time very wisely. I was very excited at the beginning of the semester to transition to Clemson from Tri County after completing the Bridge Program. However, when I began classes I found myself dreading class and dreading the school work. I had soon realized that I very much disliked the major I was a student of and it was getting harder and harder each week to stay motivated in the classes I had no interest in. Near the end of the semester, I began to worry about my grades because I had not been staying on top of my work like I should have been. I then tried to use some type of time management strategies to try to bring my overall grade up and to do well on the final exam. I started using a planner to write down each of my homework and classroom assignments along with due dates. This would allow me to see what all I had going on that day to be able to set a time to study and work on homework assignments. When I started using this strategy, it worked very well and I began completing all of my homework assignments and also saw an improvement on my test grades. However, the closer the final date got, the more I realized that I was a little too late, and did not have enough time on my hands to learn all of the information needed. This semester, I have gotten on top of my work by using my planner and studying a little bit each day.

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