Men shouldn't cry or show emotion By Daniela Goldfinger

"There is a time in a boy,s life when the sweetness is pounded out of him;and the ability to show what he feels ,is gone." Nora Vincent

Do you think man more emotional than woman?

My survey showed that everyone thinks that the man is not emotional.

Men feel.A lot.In fact,science has proven that males are more Emotional than females and more prone to fits of rage in early adolescencE(Less surprisingly)

Man are not unemotional....we are just conditioned to suppress our urges from an early age.We are taught that boys don't cry...that a real man is stoic and strong at all times.You're told it's taboo to show any emotion,to cry.

Secondly,they grow up,feeling all these things but forced to suppress them.Because man are not supposed to feel,to have emotions or show emotions.Because emotions are for women,feeling are for sissies,tears are for wimps,and real men don't cry.

Nobody wants to see a man bawling like a little baby,there's nothing sexy about watching a grown man sob and dab his eyes with soft pieces of tissue paper,and it would be most absurd to see men shed a tear or two like women are won't to do at the first sighting of anything remotely cute;a proposal,a puppy,an unrealistic happy ending in a romcom..

Another point,men,just like the rest of us(women and children) have their moments of intense sorrow,grief,would,sadness,loss,disappointment,pain and misery.And in these moments how is a man to express these feelings?Culture and parents have taught them that crying is for women and children,crying is a sing of weakness,and weakness and masculinity are two words that cannot be said in the same sentence.

But then,along with being hard,they also become hardened,and here lies the problem.This state of being hardened desensitized them.Therefore when some of them grow into unthinking,insensitive person that treat actions might affect others wrong,giving little or no thought to how their actions might affect others,it is then I think that maybe if men are allowed to feel emotion,express the less than pleasant ones,shed a tear or two when they need to,maybe then more men would be less hardened,more sensitive and a bit more empathetic.

In short,maybe then they would have more regard for the way they( treat )their women ,have more compassion and think twice before they lie,cheat,and play ping-pong with a trusting woman's heart.Maybe culture should allow men to express feelings a little,because in doing that ,just maybe,some of us women would be saved from the devastation of brokenheartedness,among other things.

As with most behaviors,crying is more appropriate in some situations than others.The real task is not only to show good judgment,but to refrain from judging men simply for shedding tears like any other human being.

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