Dialpad Overview UCaaS/Ccaas

Dialpad were founded in 2010. We set out to build a better meeting with Uberconference. Then a better business phone with Dialpad. And now with VoiceAI, we’ve built a SMARTER CALL.

And the world’s most innovative companies use Dialpad.

Then we built a better business phone with Dialpad Talk. We wanted a phone that worked the way employees do -- across any device, from any location, and integrated into the existing apps like Gmail, Linkedin and Salesforce.com. On top of that, we wanted it to be as simple to deploy as gmail or O365 so that IT could get out of the telephony business.

All of this comes together to allow us to innovate in different ways.

1 - We help you identify who to call. We’re working on mapping purchase intent and sentiment so your teams can identify who to call first (the prospect that previously mentioned they had budget, it was the right time, and isn’t using a competitor vs. the one that mentioned a number of competitors, and may be a more competitive, longer sales cycle dea). This will help them save time, know who to call, and know that it’s the right person to call (because they have time, budget, interest).

2 - We help you know what to say. We’ll save your agents and reps time on calls by taking notes for them, providing real-time transcriptions they can reference, bubbling up recommendations to questions they might not know how to answer, and even ensure they’re following the sales process or playbook you have in place. The goal is to help you understand what is happening in these conversations, and to help them have better, smoother, and more viable sales conversations. We’ll remove the “I don’t know moments”, ensure they’re following the playbook, and provide them with reminders on how to answer those tough questions around the competition or that new feature.

3 - We help you know what happened. Everything post call we refer to as Google Search for your conversations. All of your calls and indexed, searchable, and shareable. Want to know how often a competitor is mentioned, or someone talks about that new product? It’s a few clicks away. In the near future you’ll be able to build call libraries of entire calls or specific moments of calls to help your team learn from each other or share best practices. You’ll also be able to take all of this data with you, and push it to a data studio to combine with other data sources if that’s of interest.

We integrate with the applications that your team uses everyday

What differentiates Dialpad?

Our Product: Dialpad is completely homegrown, built and developed in the cloud and for the cloud (POST-IPHONE) without any 3rd party or OEM add-ons. Because we completely own and manage the product in-house, we are able to develop and release new features at an accelerated pace compared to our competitors, who rely on 3rd party products to piece together their offering. Our product is the exact same user experience no matter the device end-users are utilising.

Our AI: When it comes to AI-powered Voice Intelligence, Dialpad champions the UCaaS/CCaas space with the ability to capture live transcription, post-call summaries, real-time recommendations, sentiment analysis, live coaching, keyword-based analytics for sales and support teams - all real-time, all natively.

Our Customer Support: Most of the main players in the CCaaS and UCaaS space are massive, publicly traded companies. They churn and burn, acquiring customers, but not giving organizations (especially sub-500 person organizations) the attention and support they need to be successful customers. Dialpad offers 24/7 end-user support, as well as an extensive professional services plan with a personally selected Customer Success Manager, a Technical Manager, and an Implementation Manager. Dialpad is a nimble, fast-growing organization that ensures customer success/happiness is at the top of our priority list, not simply getting the customer on the books.

Why Dialpad?


We are fundamentally different than our competitors.

Only UCaaS/CCaaS company built post-iPhone

Why does this matter?

  • Modern architecture
  • Seamless experience
  • Scalable
  • Built with the end-user in mind
  • Rapid deployment

Our Customers

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