ATTRACTIONS "Where memories are created"


We've all heard that saying "You have so much energy, it's like you're bouncing off the walls." Our AWESOME main court actually allows you to! The main court is comprised of adjoined trampolines that span the floor and walls to create one GIANT bouncing surface! A perfect place for anyone to burn off some energy!


It's a bird, it's a plane, nope! It's a dodgeball coming right at you. Duck, dive, and get in on all that this main attraction has to offer. With raised ramps and platforms, Extreme Dodgeball is sure to add a new level of fun, fitness, and teamwork to anyone's day at Launch!


Have you ever dreamed about becoming the next best thing the NBA has seen? Here is your chance! Basketball takes on a whole new meaning as jumpers of all sizes get to experience the thrill of slam dunking from our trampoline basketball court.


3....2....1....LAUNCH yourself high in the air and experience the thrill of new tricks to amaze your friends and family before landing in our giant air bag!


Do you have the courage to take on another guest, or challenge friends/family all while testing out your strength, agility, and balance? Challenge Accepted!!!!


Have you ever had a dream about becoming the next American Ninja Warrior? Keep on dreaming and reach for the stars! Train on our state of the art Ninja Course which offers two lanes that cater to different levels. Both are guaranteed to challenge you!


Who wants to have some more fun?? Launch Arcade is where friends can challenge each other with some of the most popular games around, and win tickets to trade for prizes!


Whether you are a jumper or a parent taking a break, the Café is the place to go and refuel. With a wide variety of food and beverages, our guests can get away and enjoy a snack while keeping an eye on what's going on in the park. Can you say FREE Wi-Fi?! YES, that's right! Not only does our café offer a wide range of snacks, we also offer free Wi-Fi!


BEST.BIRTHDAY.EVER! Launch offers several birthday parties and event options that cater to a wide range of guests needs and price points.

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