Zachary Taylor Justin V

Zachary Taylor

By Justin VanNess]

Zachary Taylor was the 12 president of the United States of America. Taylor was president from 1849-1850.

Taylor was born on November 24,1784 near Barboursville,Virginia. He spent most of his childhood in Louisville,Kentucky. He had lived with his parents and 6 brothers and sisters. And they owned 26 slaves.Taylor knew he wanted a military career at a young age.

After marrying in 1810,Taylor and his wife and children settled down in Louisiana,where Taylor commanded the Baton Rouge fort. Though Taylor was a military man,he was also known as a slave owner from a wealthy family with estates in Louisiana,kentucky and Mississippi. Taylor was a Indian fighter.He was famous because he was a war hero.He fought in the Mexican American war. He was a general.Because he was such a good general.So people thought he would be a good president. He died on July 9,1850 a year and a half of being president.

Taylor's nickname was Old Rough and Ready. Because he was so good with his troops.


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