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Zimbabwe is located in Africa in the Southern and Eastern hemisphere

Zimbabwe's capital city is Harare, 19°S and 30°E

Harare monuments and buildings

Zambia borders Zimbabwe ^^^^^^^

South Africa borders Zimbabwe ^^^^^

And Mozambique also borders Zimbabwe ^^^^

Physical Characteristics

Zimbabwe is in the tropical temperature zone, and Zimbabwe is between Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn.

Map of temperature zones

Victoria Falls-- Worlds largest waterfall, is 1.5 times wider and 2 times taller than niagra falls!

Zambezi-- Longest east flowing river in all of Africa. Water source is wetlands of Mwinilunga District of NW Zambia.

Lake Kariba-- Worlds largest man made reservoir, storage capacity- 185 cubic km.

Limpopo River-- 2nd largest river in South Africa, 1600 km long.


Total population is small at 14.15 million people. World ranking in 72nd place. There are 33 people per sq meter. Population density ranking 4,667th place in the whole world, and is not crowded.

Population density map of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwes growth rate is at 3% which is very slow at growing. The fertility rate Is 4 births per women.

The 5 largest citys are 1. Harare 2. Bulawayo 3. Chitungwiza 4. Manicaland 5. Midlands

Harare Bulawayo and midland^^^^^^

Zimbabwe is a rural country, there is alot of open land and alot of wild animals.

Zimbabwe's net migration, there are more people leaving this country than entering it. Most people are leaving to live in city's for more transportation, and to get away from wild animals.


My country Zimbabwe is a developing country. Each person makes about $950 dollars per year (GDP per ca-pita) . GDP per ca-pita is how much each person makes per year. The average is $30,000 and Zimbabwe didn't even make the half way mark. Life expectancy is 58 years and the average for a developed is 78 years. Life expectancy is how many years the average persons lives to and once again Zimbabwe didn't make it there. The literacy rate is 90% and the average for developed is 99% so they are 9% away. Literacy rate is the percent of people that can read and write in that country. So i can claim Zimbabwe is a developing country.

There top 3 main languages are 1. English 2. Shona and 3. Ndebele, and there main religion is christian.

Cultural Characteristics


Shona tribe is Zimbabwe's largest indigenous group, there language is also called Shona
Sodza a popular culture dish
Rugby is popular sport first invented in 1834

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