Photo Walk Liverpool

March 24th 2018 - Liverpool

The On The Streets photo walk saw people coming from all different directions to gather at Liverpool Lime Street train station before heading out onto the streets. There were some new faces in among the now familiar ones and they were all eager to put their cameras to use.

This time we had a local guide to take us around the city. Hazel, from Maghull Photography Club, had an interesting little trip planned for us, with a few locations we'd never been to before, one being The Baltic Triangle. She gave us the promise of seeing Liverpool's own wings!

Waiting to hit the streets at Liverpool Lime Street

As we set off we happened upon another group of people doing a walk around Liverpool. The called themselvesĀ In Colourful Company and they were also doing a walk - but with a difference. It was a Colour Walk. As the day went on our paths kept crossing allowing us to find out more about them and take more images.

The In Colourful Company

After finding out about the colour walk we made our way to 'Paddy's Wigwam', or as its officially called, the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King Liverpool. A few of the group hadn't been here before so an exploration of inside and out was in hand.

Paddy's Wigwam

And from here a little trek down to the Baltic Triangle via China Town, in doing so, bumping into Dan, a rather interesting character.

Dan - A future model in the making for Maghull Photography Club

Dropping down into the Baltic Triangle we once again saw an explosion of colour and not to mention a welcome coffee or two. A big thanks to Richard (Kostek Poland) for taking our group shot this time.

The Colours of the Baltic - Liverpool style

On to the final stretch which took us down to, and around, the docklands where we managed to get a few more shots before finishing for the day.

It was a good day, full of opportunities and after seeing the pictures on the Facebook group, they made the best of them. So looking forward to the next walk, but where to? Any suggestions?

Chilling with the Ice
Hop, Skip and a Jump
Go ahead and Jump

Images from the group

Alison McMath

Alison was trying street photography for the first time and she took to it well. Alison said, "Really enjoyed the day and extremely happy with my first attempt."

Images by Alison McMath

Hazel Morgan

Our cunning guide for the day and member of Maghull Photography Club.

Images by Hazel Morgan


Adam - "Awesome blog will be sure to check out some of these locations next time I'm over that way, really nice blog :)"
Palogs - "I really like the pier head pictures!"
Created By
Alf Myers


Images are by Alf Myers, with examples from Richard Kostek and Alison McMath

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