Zoo Presentation Emily zuniga, Sabrina bonistalli, Annalysia West

Chinese Alligator'

The Chinese Alligator are critically endangered species. There's only one alligator in the San Diego Zoo.

As show above, this is where the Chinese Alligator lives. In a very small area by the Reptile Walk.

Flamingos are stable at this point but, they're may a possible chance that they can become threatened.

The Flamingos have a big space but, since there's so many of them it may take up space. Especially they interact with others.


Created with images by Jim Moore - "Entrance to the San Diego Zoo" • analisezocher - "Caribbean Flamingos" • Marcin Wichary - "Flamingos" • lori05871 - "Flamingo Pond." • ewen and donabel - "Flamingos" • fPat - "₪"

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