Astronomy The core of astronomy

The Egyptians used astronomy which made their culture unique. Astronomy is a very important resource to the Ancient Egyptians. It helped them develop materials, it helped them to be more knowledgeable, and much more. The Ancient Egyptians used astronomy in their day to day life. It was a very common resource.

Astronomers found many connections between pyramids, temples and astronomy. The Pyramids of Giza and the constellations have a connection because the pyramids simulate the stars of the Orion Belt. Edfu temple was built with a astronomical orientation. Thoth Hill was also built with a astronomical orientation. Astronomers used this very common resource to help the people who built the pyramids build the pyramids in a more practical way.

There was also a link between the constellations and the gods. Certain gods were seen in the sky. The Milky Way represented the sky goddess giving birth to the the sun god Ra. Also, in different cities the pyramids have different orientations based on religion. So, they would base the pyramids off of the gods they worship in their religion.

Egyptians had knowledge about astronomy. They knew it was used for religious and practical uses. They also knew it was a religious tradition. As time went on they learned more and more about astronomy. They came to know that astronomy can be used in day to day life.

Astronomy helped develop a lot of utilities. It helped develop the calendar that even today we use and it also helped develop that the calendar had 12 months and each month had 30 days. It also helped develop that each day has 24 hours. Astronomy had also helped develop time. Astronomy helped develop so many utilities that humans would be lost without

Last but not least, astronomy helped to let the Egyptians know when the annual flooding would be. Astronomers were able to predict the annual flooding because of the star Sirius. When Sirius rose before the sun it let the Egyptians know when the annual flooding would be.

Astronomy helped everyone in daily life and everyone is capable of using it.

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