Ethiopian Taters By: OBETH SAAVEDRA ,Hunter Tran, and Samuel D'ABADIA (POTATOES)

We crash landed in Ethiopia. Are region is the African Savanna. It is a grassland.

That is where Ethiopia is

The Savanna is very dry and hot, so its hard to grow plants.

In the Savanna, we decided to grow the potatoes. Potatoes grow between 70 to 120 days to grow. So it will take some time. The plant will grow ten potatoes in one plant. There will be five people in our family, so we need more than ten potatoes a week for a person. That will feed the whole family. That means we have enough food. If each family member plants 4 potatoes plants, we would have over 70 potatoes. There is many types of food made from potatoes, like mashed potatoes and roasted potatoes.

Potatoes can release deadly fumes that can kill you. To make the potatoes not hazardous, we are going to put it in a cool dark place.

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