Keiarah's Trip to Italy Milan, Rome, venice

I spend my money on Flights,Hotels, Hot Spots, Food, and random things that caught my eye;) 20867.20 is the total including the show i will attend in Milan. And the food.
some of the food i will eat from place like Pave' (an espresso bar), Ristorante Pizzeria Marvzzella, Alla Rampa, Life, Solerino, McDonalds, PizzaRe', Bar del Fico ect.

These are some of the places i am going to visit while i'm in Italy. The first photo is the Colosseum. This building has a lot of history. From battles to festivals. Each lasting up to a 100 days or more. In the second photo is the Milan Cathedral and this building is a big attraction to Milan. It holds a record of the most statues in a building in the world. It allegedly suppose to have one of Jesus's nails marked by a red light bulb. They have a ceremony every year on a Saturday closes to September 14 to retrieve the nail. In the third picture is a piece on Pompeii that still stands. As a kid the story of Pompeii always intrigued me. And i always want to visit the site. So much history and stories untold. Pompeii was hit by volcano in 79 AD. covering everyone in ash and lava. 1500 years later it was discovered in 1599. And all the stories came out if the ground.

I'm staying in 3 5star hotels for my trip to Italy. In Milan i am staying at the Hotel Principe di savola. Had great reviews and ratings. Its a little expensive,but it's okay. In Rome i'm staying in The First Luxury Art Hotel Roma. Also had great reviews and ratings. The next hotel i'm staying in is Hotel Excelsior Venice Lido Resort. This too has great ratings and reviews. All these hotels met my luxurious standards.

when im there i expect to be treated like a famous person or someone special

i am going to rent a car for all three cities i'm going to and that's going to round up around $330
Climate in Italy is simple but harsh. In their summers their temperature varies. In the upper part they have hot and dry summers and in the south the have really hot summers. They reach the 90's or higher. The winter for the upper part experience cool and rain, but the southern part experience freezing temperatures
Italy is steep in art, food, music, family, and architecture. There are some many traditions in the Italian culture. The majority religion in Italy is Roman Catholicism, but there are some protestant, Jewish, and Muslim. Italian is the second oldest heritage in Europe next to Greek. It was here at the beginning way before there was a beginning

Things i will do for fun: go to the mall, go to Chinatown in Italy, a Planetarium,Brera, park, Campo de Fiori- fruit sale, National Roman Museum, Roman Forum, and places i find or hear about.

live science: Italian Culture: Fact, Customs, Tradition Walks of Italy: 6 Amazing Fact about Milan Duomo Tex Quest: Italy List 25: 25 Mind Blowing Facts about the Pompeii Destruction Facts about the Colosseum Italy Lougue: Transportation in Italy


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