La Musica Alejandro fernandez

Alejandro was born April 4th 1971 in Guadalajara, mexico as the son of Vicente Fernandez.

Alejandro did not go to school for music he just naturally had the talent because his father already had a singing career so he just followed in his fathers foot steps as a ranchra singer.

After his contract with Sony ended he didn't resign so they release the songs he had yet to take back which result in him suing the company and getting all 6,000 albums back. He was also once bitten by a jaguar.

Alejandro started off with making ranchera music like his father but after writing a few album he went on to start writing mainstream Latin pop music.

"me estoy enamorando" is Fernandez most important album because it marked the change in his style of music and he made it with the idea of starting new and expanding the reach of his music to others

"confedencias" "dos mundos""me estoy emorando""Que seas muy feliz" are his top four albums.

" hoy tengo ganas de ti" "me dedique a perderte" " se que te duele" "quiero que vuelas" are his top for songs

Fernandez has two billboard Latin music awards, one Latin Grammy award for best ranchra music, and one ALMA for outstanding Spanish language performance in a tv special.

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