Rouse Royal Newsletter September 23rd, 2020

We Need Sponsors!!!

We need sponsors! Please reach out to your business connections to ask if they would be interested in sponsoring the Royals. This is really our only fundraising opportunity at the moment. Below is the link to our sponsor letter. We are currently using last year's funds and we will be out soon. Our team grew by 7 team members which is amazing, but I've ran into problems of not having enough poms or rain ponchos, etc. So I have had to use funds I had not planned on using to purchase those items. Choreography and costumes are our next big ticket items! We need to start raising money so we can hire the best choreographers and get costumes ordered in time for contest season!!

First Game is tomorrow!!!

Our first game is tomorrow!! Yahoo!!! Below are a few reminders that our new game day procedures:

  • All team members will get ready and eat at home.
  • All team members must be at school at 5:50 p.m. sharp! We will do a company check and load the bus at 6 p.m. Any student that does not show up on time and misses the bus, will not be allowed to meet us at the game! I told the girls today.... "I will leave you!" So I urged them to show up on time! ;-)
  • Parents will need to pick up at Rouse immediately after the game. PLEASE PARK IN THE PARKING LOT TO WAIT FOR YOUR STUDENT.  Do not wait in the bus lanes. Sometimes it is difficult to get through that area with a bus and then we don't have a safe place to unload. Thanks!!
  • Please remember that parents/family are not allowed to visit us in the stands and we are not allowed to give a break this year. #2020 So sorry! I know family visiting and pictures are super important, but we just can't do that this year.
  • PS--I was told today there are still plenty of tickets to purchase.

No Practice on Friday!

We are not practicing on Friday, since we have a late night on Thursday. Typically I ask everyone to be there by 8:40 and just give a study hall, but #2020 I don't have everyone in person. So, I'm not asking the girls to come up. They can stay home on Friday. I will count everyone present.

Team Pictures Monday, 9/28 7:30-9:30 a.m.

We are having our team pictures in full uniform on Monday morning at Rouse! Yea! I know they are super excited to get up early to do their hair and make up! lol

Senior Night, October 2nd

Senior Night is Friday, October 2nd! We will be celebrating Royal and Band seniors at halftime after our performance! Senior parents...don't forget to send me your pictures! I need to to turn everything in on Monday.

Our fabulous senior night committee has a wonderful dinner planned for our seniors before the game! Yes!! I got approval to have a senior dinner! Senior parents, I will take plenty of pictures and find a way to share the pictures with you.

Thank you!!

Thank you for all the kind messages we have received regarding our performance last Friday evening. It was so good to finally be in front of people. I will be posting a "Meet the Royals" video on Friday and I will also be creating a "Game Day" video as well from Thursday.

Important Dates

  • 9/24--Football at Bible
  • 9/25--No Practice
  • 9/28--Team Pictures 7:30-9:30 a.m.
  • 10/2--Football at Bible (Band and Royal Senior Night)
  • 10/8--Football at Bible
  • 10/9--No Practice