Defending Donna Osborn EILEEN AND HANNA

Donna Osborn allegedly shot her husband on February 14, 1991 as an act of self defense. He has been physically abusive since 1989 when he first pushed her while she was pregnant. records show that Donna Osborn admits Clinton was physically violent. Donna Osborn was pushed down a few time while pregnant by Clinton Osborn in 1989.

lee harris, the director of option for battered women, clarifies that their records show that donna's first call to their hotline was march 7, 1990. at that time she had reported that she had been pushed down a flight of stairs by her husband clinton osborn. this wasnt the first time donna was shoved or push. records have been taken since the summer of 1988.

The reason for Clinton's death was Donna's self defense. she lived in fear that he would kill her until she couldn't deal with it anymore. She wanted to leave but felt that he would hurt her before she could. On February 13th, he picked up a baseball bat and said "Do you know what i could do to your head with a bat?" In reaction to Clinton's threat she used the gun as self defense.


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