Digital Cameras

Main Types Of cameras:

There are many types of different cameras. There are cameras that can be on your phone. These can be on drones and also the traditional SLR, digital and heavy big things the professionals use.

Digital SLR Cameras (DSLR):

Digital SLR's have loads of tech in them. One of which is that they have things called memory cards. They store pictures and videos so you can see them again. They also have changing lenses so you can have an option for when it comes to taking long shots, close shots and stills.

Video Cameras:

Video cameras are made for you making the best videos that you can make. They are equipped with HD quality. This specific camera has 1920 x 1080 pixels which is very good. The wide screen allows you to re-watch your video. They have large memory cards for your large capacity of videos and are small so you can take them on the go and put them into your bag.


Sometimes when you purchase a new phone or camera, you might see that on the case or packaging that it is either: shockproof, waterproof, splash proof or dust proof. Shockproof is if you were to drop your device from a smell height and it would withstand the fall. Waterproof is when the devise can be underwater for a certain amount of time at a certain distance and not break. Splash proof is when the devise can withstand a very little 'splash', but still keep working well. Finally dust proof is when the devise is sealed very well so that the dust cant get in and wreck the inside of the devise. All these things make people want to buy the product and the durability will be mush higher and better quality.

Go Pro:

Go pro's are probably the best action cameras you could buy. All of the models you can buy extras like a house. this is a case so that the Go Pro becomes water proof. It shoots in 4K which is amazing and they are as small as your palm.

360 Cameras:

360 Degree cameras are the new thing in tech. They shoot HD and 4K all around you so that you can have the ultimate experience. They work with VR headsets so you can see what you have created inside the camera.

SD Cards:

Cameras have to store their photos and videos somewhere! They mainly now use something called an SD card. This is a really small card that slots into you camera and stored all the data. The storage is usually stored in Gigga Bytes.


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