JAKs Lost Explorers

JAKs - Til The Sunrise

(Music Video shoot Behind The Scenes)


Release 1st Quarter 2018

JAKs (Jess And Kelvin's Songs) is a musical project between songwriter/vocalist Jessica Bennet & songwriter/producer Kelvin Avon. A sound born from a chance meeting, they have developed a sound blending pop melodies with an electro twist.

Fusing both synthisers and live intruments, JAKs tread the border between pop and niche. The conbination of Jess’s hauting voice and deep throghtful lyrics, blend perfectly with the lush and full production from Kelvin.

One track was “stolen” by Hong Kong popstar Kary Ng when she was working with Kelvin on her album. One listen to JAKs and she was hooked and her first single from her album was a JAKs song, albeit now in Cantonese. Another sign of the great blend between East and West.

JAKs will be releasing their debut single ’Til The Sunrise’ at the end of 2017, a funky uptempo track with big synths, funky gutars and s smooth and slick bassline.

Stay tuned for JAKs in 2018

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