Eastern Prairie Fringed Orchid

Hi My Name Is Heather And I Am Presenting The Eastern Prairie Fringed Orchid That Is Found Threatened.They Are About 117.5cm Tall.They Are All White With Green Steams.In Illinois,Iowa,Maine,Michigan,Ohio,Virginia,Wisconsin,Ontario,and Canada.There Are Usually Found In old Fields and Roadside Ditches.They Attract Hawkmoth's That Feed On Nectar and Transfer Pollen From Flower To Flower and Plant To Plant.
For The Eastern Prairie Fringed Orchid Habitat ,They Mostly In A Oldfield Or Ditches.The Fields That They Are Mostly Found Are Filled With Nothing But Grass And Orchid and Probably Other Flowers.
orchids From Eastern Are Autotroph.They're In Danger Because The Land That They Grow Is Turned Into Wetland and They Also Have To Deal With Fire Suppression .
Helpppp Is On The Way!!!I Believe These Type Of Orchids Are Tertiary Consumers and Producer Also Primary..Orchid Have Problems With Populations so With Some Of My Own Research I Found That Hand Predators Put More Seeds Inside Of The Plants For Them To Grow More.Another Way To Help Is They Try To Plant Them Where They Are Safe As Ever.
Hopefully The People That Are Helping Grow These Amazing Plants Wont Start Lacking Because If They Do Hawkmoth's Would Fall Out Of Place.Not Only That But It Would Decrease The Orchid Population And Also The Species Population That Are Being Fed To From The Orchids.

Finally For My Introduction You Guys Should Know These Plants Are More Important Than You May Think.They Are Also Very Beautiful and In This World Something So Beautiful and Natural Shall Not and Will Not Be Harmed,In Danger,Or Threatened On My Time . So The Next You See One Please Try To Look At It Closely and See If Its Been Harmed Or At Least Show A Little Care.

Thank You For Watching and Letting Me Present To You My Eastern Prairie Fringed Orchid☺️✌🏿.

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heather wallace


Created with images by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Midwest Region - "Federally Threatened Prairie Fringed Orchid" • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Midwest Region - "EPFO By USFWS KristenLundh" • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Midwest Region - "Eastern Prairie Fringed Orchid"

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