Simone Biles OLympic Gymnast

“I am not the next Usain bolts or Michael Phelps, I am the first Simone Biles,” once said Simone Biles. She worked hard, the determination and strength helped her to become a successful gymnast today. Simone was born March, 14 1997 in Columbus, Ohio. Simone’s childhood wasn't the best, due to her Mother being a drug-addict, she couldn't take care of her kids or herself. So her, her sister and brother went down to Houston, Texas to live with her Grandparents, in fact a couple years later they adopted them! Overall, that is was most of her life was growing up.

This is a picture of her family and her four dogs(Maggie, Atlas, Bella and Lily.)

Later in her life, Simone one day went on a field trip to a gymnastics gym. She immediately started imitating the other gymnasts there,(she was only in daycare at the time!) so she started showing off what she could do; soon later she started going there. When she got older she started getting more and more advanced and finally made her dream come true to be in the Olympics. After hard training, determination and strength, Simone Biles went to the Olympics and won four gold medals and one bronze. In fact, she is the only female gymnast who has won five medals including three other ladies, that is overall how she became an Olympic gymnast.

This is a picture of when she was younger in gymnastics.

Simone Biles isn't just all gymnastics, in her free time she likes watching Netflix, going to the beach with friends, fishing in Belize and many more. Actually, her favorite show to watch is “Pretty Little Liars,”and “Beverly Hills.” Finally, some hard skills she had was, doing two tucked back flips with three full twists, two tucked back flips with a single full twist, and another is two back flips with two twists. Those are some hard ones that she actually won't be doing for competitions. Those are some accomplishments, hobbies, childhood struggles she had growing up and there are many more adventures she has to come.

This is where she what the rio olympics gymnastics took place and these are also some pictures of Belize.

Fun Facts:

-her coach Aimee Boorman has been coaching her since she was eight.

-she is only 5'3"!!!

-This was actually her first Olympic Games because she was too young to go to last one.

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