Kahoot A fantastic app for creating and sharing educational games with your students

With Kahoot, a teacher can create fun educational games that students enjoy to play. Teachers can create multiple choice, true/false, open ended and puzzle questions for each game. After each question is answered, scores are given for the students and Kahoot keeps track of all the students answers. It will also let the students go over the questions they missed. An app can be downloaded for phones and tablets. It is web based. so it is also compatible with computers and chromebooks.

Using Kahoot with Google Meet or Zoom, a teacher can take it online. In this tutorial the user will learn how to make a Kahoot game and share it with students at home.

To sign up for a teachers' account, go to the Kahoot website and click on the Learn More link at the top of the page. Follow the links, sign up with google and get premium features for free!

Teacher sign-up

View this video clip to see how to make your first game.

After you completed your game. it can be edited to correct any mistakes you made. Click on the your Kahoot game to start editing.

Main Kahoot Window

Click on the 3 dots on the left side of the screen. Select the Edit option. The edit window will open and the questions, answers and pictures can be changed here.


You can preview what you have made before presenting to your students. Click the video below to see a kahoot preview.

To present to your students at a distance, you will need to have a videoconference system such as Google Meet or Zoom. Just turn on Zoom or Google Meet, start Kahoot and share your computer screen. On a computer or chromebook, the students will type in www.kahoot.it. On their phones or tablets they can download the Kahoot app.

Game Code

Click on this video to see how to take you Kahoot online.

Click on the button below and sign up for an account.

To find more tutorials click on the link for Research Center for Educational Technology at Kent State University

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