Ian visits The florida museum of natural history

Nature on Display

The Florida Museum of Natural History had a different vibe than the Harn Museum. Its focus on nature causes it to give off a soothing aura as I learned about the history of Florida's caves, animals, and people. My favorite exhibit here was the Butterfly Garden because it had real life plants, insects, and animals. The path through the butterfly garden took me to see everything it had to offer: the variety of plants, the various butterflies flying around, and even some tiny birds. Here I learned that the natural world is vibrant, colorful, and serene. Being inside that garden allowed me to tune out reality and absorb in the environment around me. I visited the museum during a busy week, so it helped me unwind a lot. The museum was very chill and I liked how this garden was able to separate me from reality, if only for a little while.

Nature and Ethics

The museum did help me feel what Leopold is saying about how we are a part of nature and not a separate community. In the different exhibits I learned about the nature that we live in and how it affects our environment, even if we live in a urban area. Going through the museum I felt as if I was one with nature, with the animals that lived and the ones that live today. I sensed that the history documented here is part of what makes Florida a unique state to live in. Other people reacted similarly, noting that the museum revealed a bigger reality than the ones we usually live in. Visiting the museum has made me a little more self-conscious about the environment and has helped me see Leopold's vision of being part of the biotic community. After the visit I felt the need to give back to nature.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Natural History Museum helped me step out of my life by presenting another world in its exhibits. The designs of the exhibits were made to present the historical worlds of Florida; for instance, the picture here is part of an exhibit of the past people of Florida. This display has so much going on it took me out of my current life and into theirs. Within their life I understood that I am living off a rich past of hundreds of years of natives that once survived here. This exhibit, along with the rest of the exhibits, also creates a sense of mystery by presenting their own natural world. The juxtaposition of outside the museum being urban and the inside being natural adds to the majesty of nature that people can only see when they want to see, or when they enter the museum. Here the museum is eternal as it takes snapshots in time of the past animals and people.


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