Social Media Communication Issues Kylie Hadley

Teenagers can use their cellphones to access their social media accounts and communicate with others. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are just a few popular social media sites that teenagers happen to use.

Teenagers can also use their computers to use their social media accounts and communicate.

Teenagers are known for constantly using their devices, and almost always using some type of social media to communicate. It is common to see teenagers networking even while they are together. They are missing out on human interactions.
It is common for teenagers to think about using social media even when they are not using it. Instead of thinking about ways to communicate through social media, teenagers should be thinking of ways to communicate without it.

Teenagers need to practice their communication skills without the help of social media. Communicating face-to-face requires using body language and displaying physical emotions. Conversations will naturally become smoother and easier to obtain because of this.

Setting limits on the amount of time spent communicating over social media can be useful for teenagers. The result of setting aside an appropriate amount of time for social media use will be that teenagers will have more spare time to do something productive such as talk with their family and friends in person.

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