Burning the American Flag By: Soraya Davis

Whats going on?

Donald Trump does not want people to the American Flag. He even tweeted saying that people should be punished (go to jail or lose citizenship) if they burn the American Flag.

Been settled before?

The supreme court has twice said it was a freedom of speech, to violate the American Flag.

In the case 1989 Texas v. Johnson, the ruling was 5-4, and that the flag burning was a "symbolic speech".

In the 1990 United States v. Eichmann case affirmed that right again.

Antonin Scalia

Trump likes him and thinks highly of him.

Antonin Scalia said people should not be allowed to burn the flag, but he belies in the first amendment.

Antonin Scalia


Hillary Clinton, and George W. Bush, supported not being able to burn the American Flag.


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