Sanctum Autem Vitae the sancuray of life

Our Crest

Above, you see our crest. The swan. Generally speaking, birds represent freedom, no limits, and most importantly, unity. A swan shows grace, and love.

Our Motto

Our motto is centerd around one word. Unity. When we say the words, "Connection to all for the well being of all." We are saying to connect with others, with animals, and the earth.

Our Vision

The reason we made this utopia is to help people who are caring and who love, to be around others who are similar. But then have alone time. You can constantly go the great outdoors and find a wide abundance of animals. We made it to reguvinate, and care for yourself.

Membership Policy

To join you must fill out a form. To prevent overpopulation, we pick those who are best fit. Once you pass that first part you then must go through a one month trial period. At the end of that month you can choose to leave, or we can vote you out. If you are not a disruptive to the people around you, you may officaly begin your life here. (You can still leave, or be voted out at any time with one month notice.)

To secure a stay here, there are a few rules you should follow.

1) You must have a balenced diet.

2) In the event of an unsolvable argument, spend time apart to cool off.

3) Never inturupt anyone during alone time without prior premission or an emergency. (children are exclueded from this rule wiht partents.)

4) You must follow the schedule at least three times a week.

5) You must respect the earth and the animals.

6) If you have a child, reconise they come before you in your mindset.

7) You must be friendly to all members of the community. Even if its only is passing.

8) You must support yourself. Jobs and trade oppertunites are always plentiful.

9) Everyone must have one hobby, or extra criccular.

10) You must take time in diciding desisions. (Job, Marrige, Children.)

11) All large disputes must be settled with a friend, then lawyer, then if needed a higher athority.

12) No discrimination of race or religion.

13) No voting someone out on a minor offence.

Our Location

We are located on an island. With a beach, forests, and even mountains! This provides a sancuary you want, with acess to all the natural resources you love!

Note that not all animals are as easily approacable, but none will harm you.

Why would you even want to come here? Well, not everybody would. This is a place where not only humans live. The plants and the animals make their homes here to. Living together in harmony. You can connect with the world around you, and help the earth stay green.

If you are compassionate, empethetic, and don't mind getting a little dirty, this is a place for you. Don't think you have to be quiet and thoughtful all the time. We just want you to have a chance to be you. Just you and the earth.

Our Schedule

We have more of a flexible schedule then most utopias, but the things that you must do are listed below.

Babies (Newborn-4)

Babies do things at the parents disgression.

Children (5-12)

The children have mornings to prepare for school.

School is from 8:00 to 3:00

The children all play together in the main field while the parents finsh work. Older children can be elsewhere with parents permission.

Must meet with familes at 5:00

Children need nine hours of sleep, plan accordingly.

Teens (13-19)

(Note that early teens are 13-16 and mature teens are 17-19)

Teens have the morning to get ready for school.

School is from 8:00 to 1:00

They may take from 1:00 to 2:00 for one of the required exercises. (body, mind, ect)

They may soclise, voulenteer, or have alone time untill 5:00

Younger teens must have eight hours of sleep. Older may only get seven if they wish. Plan accordingly.

Adults (20-when you are unable to preform tasks)

Adults have the morning to get ready, and get their children ready.

From 8:15 (teachers and child cares eariler) to 5:00 you have work. With a thirty minuet lunch break and three thirty minuet breaks.

Gather with familes at 5:00

Adults must get seven hours of sleep at least. Plan accordlingly.


Elders have the times during school to exercise the body and mind, as well as soclise. After school and work they may visit family and friends.

School Scedule for Children

8:00 -9:00 Exercise Body

9:00- 9:30 Exersise Spirit

9:30-10:00 Learn Math (that you'll need)

10:00-10:30 English

10:30-11:00 History

11:00-12:00 Streanghten Mind (Logic, problmes.)

12:00-1:00 Lunch and recess

1:00-2:00 Science

2:00-3:00 Extra Cricular

School Schedule for Teens

8:00-9:00 Exercise Mind (Logic and math)

9:00-1:00 Training for what you want to do.

After School, make sure to exercise you mind and spirit, if that was not one of your classes.

Form of Government


I would have my goverment be a democracy because we are all about a safe sancuary where you would want to live. We belive in unity and democracy is the people untited in what they want.


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