Stories of our town By:Susie klassen.

Did you know that a railway train station was built for the airline railway it came through Aylmer in the 1890'.It was north of College line and serve the Canadian Southern rail line.There is no rail station today.
Did you know that in Little Aylmer there was a big boom? The top of the building was destroyedit had to be rebuilt .Aylmer is different today because there are fewer fires . Distraction conflagrations " the Aylmer Express, Thursday, October 14 1909. Page 6,. Microfilm.
Did you know that in a very old Church in Aylmer they had pipe organs . Today pipe organs are hard to find.They are hard to find today because they are only found in old churches.2008-001-0005a,Aylmer museum.postcard#1,February.28.2017
I wander in the future that there will be some train station so people could go all over the place like London St. Thomas and Aylmer. I hope you enjoyed my show!!!

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