St Joseph's Newsletter Term Four, Week Five

Congratulations to our award winners from last week.
St Joseph’s Vision Statement: “Inspired by Mary MacKillop we strive to achieve excellence in education and pastoral care, foster well-being, develop strong values and include all cultures and community members.”

Dear Families and Friends

As we are now over half way through Term 4, teachers have been discussing behavioural expectations that will ensure a great finish to our school year. Whilst we will be presented with some obstacles over the coming weeks (such as the humid weather), it is important that we maintain high expectations for children's behaviour inside and outside the classroom. In addition to our BOABS positive behaviour guide, the following three rules will be reiterated to children:

1. Promptly respond to reasonable requests given by adults.

2. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

3. No swearing, teasing or calling others names.

If parents and carers reinforce these expectations at home, this will go a long way towards ensuring all members of our school community are treated in a courteous and respectful manner.

Kindergarten Orientation Day

Last Thursday we welcomed several new families to St Joseph's for our 2019 Kindergarten Orientation Day. Whilst the children were given the opportunity to become acquainted with their new classmates, teacher, teacher assistants and classroom environment, parents and carers were provided with some important information concerning the year ahead. Thank you to Mrs Meghan Donovan, Miss Laura Quinn and Mrs Melinda Fitt for organising the event and Miss Kris for providing a delicious morning tea.

Remembrance Day

On Monday morning (after our Advent Liturgy), we will pause to remember the many men and women who fought and died for our freedom - freedom that we often take for granted. Our service will take place in the Library and all carers and friends are welcome to attend.


Advent Assemblies will take place in the Library each Monday morning at 8:00am beginning with our Week 1 Liturgy on 12th November. This will be led by students in Pre-Primary and Year 5/6. All families and friends are most welcome to attend.

Community Christmas Carols

The Community Christmas Carols will be at the Picture Gardens on Sunday 2nd December at 4:30pm. We look forward to seeing you there.

Visit from the Honourable Tony Abbott

Yesterday the Honourable Tony Abbott visited our school as part of a Special Envoy for Indigenous Affairs. Time was spent visiting the classes and our AFaFE Centre, viewing a Miriwoong Language lesson and hearing about the Year 5/6 experiences at their recent Canberra camp. Our School Board then had the opportunity to share lunch and speak with Mr Abbott. It was pleasing to hear of the positivity with which Mr Abbott spoke about our school, after seeing the terrific work which was happening in each of the classes.


Thanks to Mrs Jen Rudyard who prepared a memorable Liturgy for All Saints Day last Thursday and to Fr James for celebrating. It was wonderful to see families and friends attend the Years 2 and 4/5 Liturgy on Monday as well the Years 1 and 3 Liturgy yesterday. A special thank you to Fr Joel and Fr James who led yesterday’s Liturgy which focused on the importance of ‘Friendship.’

Christmas Concert, Thursday 29th November

Thanks to the generosity of the P & F Committee, there will no longer be a $5 charge per family to cover the cost of the Leisure Centre. Entry will be free of charge.

We are encouraging families to bring their camping chairs and picnic blankets. A BBQ dinner, drinks and snacks will be available for purchase on the night. Families are also most welcome to bring their own food and drinks.

Help Wanted at Christmas Concert BBQ

In addition to needing assistance to prepare props and uniforms for our Christmas Concert, we are asking for volunteers to help with the BBQ after school. Please see the office if you are able to help.

Staff Appointments for 2019

I am pleased to announce the following staff appointments for 2019:

Kindergarten: Melinda Fitt (Teacher); Janet O'Meara & Sandra Kelly (ATAs); Jo Anderson (TA)

Pre-Primary: Izzy Stewart (Teacher); Brianna Birch (ATA); Ros Grace (TA)

Year 1: Tara Peters & Jen Rudyard (Teachers); Jamie Short (TA), Judith Brennan & Ashleigh Mongoo (ATAs)

Year 2: Elle Tierney (Teacher); Carolyn McAdam & Susan Swan (ATAs)

Year 3: David Ballingall (Teacher), Tianna Garlett (ATA); Deb Rocke & Sandra Powell (TAs)

Year 4/5: Janine Roach & Kate Carew (Teachers); Bernadette Nott & Tanya Lockwood (ATAs)

Year 5/6: Marion Gehrmann (Teacher), Marcia Constantine (TA)

Specialist Staff: Janine Roach (Library), Jen Rudyard (Visual Arts), Kate Carew (Reading Recovery), Tara Peters (Social and Emotional Learning), Jo Anderson (Health and Physical Education), Laura Quinn (Extension Program)

AFaFE: Melinda Fitt (Playgroup Facilitator Monday & Thursday), Melina Johnson & Bernice Dann (Family Liaison Officers)

Additional information for students in Years 5 and 6 will be sent home with school reports.

Care Packages

We are in the process of collecting items for hampers which we will distribute to those in need in our community. In addition to long life food items, every day necessities such as first-aid and hygiene products would be most welcome. Items can be dropped in at the office or given to children's classroom teachers. A number of students have begun competitions such as "Guess the number of lollies in the jar" to raise money for this cause. Children are invited to bring a gold coin with them to school to participate in these initiatives. Thank you in anticipation of your support.

Positive Partnerships

On Thursday 22nd November, a St Joseph's staff vs students football match will take place at the town oval to raise awareness and funds for the many Australians who are diagnosed with autism each year. The match will take place from 5 - 7pm and sausages will be available for purchase. We invite all St Joseph's families and friends to come along, kick the footy and support this worthy cause.



Teachers are currently busy preparing students Semester 2 reports which will be sent home during the final week of school. In recognition of the amount of work that is involved in making accurate and detailed statements regarding student social and academic progress, a day is given to each teacher to assist them in meeting the demands of reports in addition to carrying out their regular planning and programming responsibilities. I commend the teachers on the extra time and effort they are putting towards writing these reports.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Tim Hogan, Principal

Students Splash into Sports Sessions!!

Swimming has kicked off with a splash this term with students from Years 2 – 6 attending lessons during their allocated sports time each Tuesday. We are half way through the six week program and they are making wonderful progress. With a focus on safety, students are learning a range of survival techniques including safe entries and rescue strategies as well as the usual strokes such as Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke.

Students have shown a great deal of enthusiasm each week and their attitude to has been exceptional. Miss Gerhmann, Mr Jamie and I are looking forward to the remainder of the term and thank all staff for their support of this valuable program.

It is exciting to announce the arrival of some new sports equipment through the Coles Sports for Schools initiative held earlier in the year. The Coles tokens collected by the St Joseph’s Community have provided some amazing resources for the students. We look forward to trying out the equipment in the coming weeks.

Mrs Allen

Mini Vinnies

With Christmas fast approaching we draw on our vision statement and Mary Mackillop’s words "Find happiness in making others happy" to achieve excellence in pastoral care and foster well-being.

Unfortunately I have missed a couple of weeks due to illness so it is all hands on deck for the Mini Vinnies students to raise funds and collect donations for our Christmas care packages for families in need. This year we are hoping to have enough donations for 20 packages.

It would be great if each family could purchase one or more items to donate when they do their next grocery shop. This includes long life food—such as UHT milk, pasta, cereal and tinned fruit— and hygiene products. Lets not forget the Christmas goodies, toys , fruit mince pies, cakes, lollies (Christmas canes), biscuits, chips and wrapping paper for the little gifts. Thank you in anticipation of your support. Items can be dropped off at school and at St Vincent Pallotti Church.

Sorell Diddams in Year 5/6 is leading by example in using her own initiative to run a Guess the Number of Lollies competition and she is donating the funds raised to purchase goods from Coles for the packages.

We are also working on a Christmas concert for the residents at Juniper Aged Care Facility. The children will make cards and spread Christmas cheer to all.

Sister Marcella and Miss Deb

Canteen News

At St Joseph's we like to feed our kids healthy food. 90% of the items on our menu are made here in our kitchen, so we know what goes into the food we are feeding your children. In recent weeks, I have been looking at reducing our waste. In line with Mrs Jo Anderson’s recycling crusade, I am now offering sauce only to those students who want it (no more small containers). Every little bit helps our environment! A reminder that icy-poles are only sold on Fridays at lunch and that food brought from home can not be heated at the canteen due to health regulations. Our daily lunch specials are $4—see the board for the menu. 100% orange juice frozen cups are available at lunch time - be sure to pre-order these for $1.

Miss Kris

Performing Arts

Students have continued to embrace the DRUMBEAT program with terrific enthusiasm. Our main focus in drumming and performance activities this term has been the value of TEAMWORK.

We have explored the meaning of being in a groove – a rhythmic pattern that is established when everyone plays with the same timing and feeling. It takes a little time to achieve the groove as a group, but you can feel it strongly when everyone works together. The groove gets its strength from consistency, co-operation, commitment, awareness and connection between everyone in the drumming group. TEAMWORK at its finest!

Through focus and concentration, classes have also developed great skills in transitioning from one rhythm to another without pausing and the sounds have been wonderful. There is a positive sense of accomplishment when the rhythms are played in time by the whole class and the final beat finishes in sync. These skills demonstrate how teamwork is fundamental to many aspects of our lives and the DRUMBEAT program encourages students to take these skills with them into adulthood.

Several students in Years 5/6 have offered to showcase their drumming techniques in public and will be performing for residents at the Juniper Gerdewoonem Aged Care Facility, playing African rhythms in the Afro-exercise classes. Selected students from Years 3-6 will also share their groove at the annual Christmas Concert. It’s a creative and uplifting time of the year in Performing Arts.

“St Joseph’s drummers …. we’re in the groove …..”

Miss Janine Roach


  • Thursday 22nd November: Positive Partnerships Football Game at the Town Oval, 5pm -7pm
  • Friday 23rd November: Whole School Christmas Concert Practice at the Leisure Centre, 10:30am - 12:30am
  • Thursday 29th November: St Joseph's Christmas Concert at the Leisure Centre beginning 5:00pm
  • Friday 7th December: Graduation and End of Year Mass/final day for students


Each even week, Friday @ 1:20pm

  • Week 6: Yr 2
  • Week 8: Yr 1
Come along to what promises to be a great night!

School Fees

School fees make an important contribution to providing your child with the best possible education.

Families who have a Health Care Card are asked to present it at the office for the appropriate discount on their tuition fees. If you are experiencing financial hardship, and are not eligible for the card, please make a time to see the Principal to discuss your individual circumstances.

We accept payment using the Indue Card.



Four Year Old Immunisations

Please be advised that the immunisation schedule has changed as of 1st August 2018.

4 year immunisations can no longer be given at 3 ½ years of age.

The child must have turned 4yrs to receive final childhood immunisation.

Any queries –please call Community Health on 91664321

St Joseph’s School is a Nut Awareness Zone

We have a student who has a touch-sensitive, life-threatening nut allergy. Please do not send nut products to school in recess or lunch boxes. This includes peanut butter, Nutella and many muesli bars.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Canteen Volunteers Wanted

Miss Kris is looking for parents or friends of the St Joseph’s community who may be able to lend a hand. As they say, many hands make light work! If you can assist in any way, please have a chat with Kris or the Principal.

St Joseph’s School Uniforms

At St Joseph’s School we take great pride in our appearance. The school uniform is also an important aspect of child health and safety. It is a requirement that all students wear a St Joseph’s uniform (including a hat with our logo) that is purchased from our uniform shop. Similar items bought elsewhere may not be worn to school.

Please note that our “no hat, no play” policy will be enforced.

See our website for a full range of uniform items.

Uniforms may be purchased at any time from our office.

Praying the Rosary

Sr Marcella will lead us in one decade of the rosary each Friday at 7:35am on the grass outside the administration building. Please feel welcome to join us for five minutes of prayer.

New Enrolment Policy

The West Australian School Education Act (1999) stipulates that information about immunisation status and date of birth must be supplied when applying to enrol at school. As of 2018, a child’s birth certificate and immunisation documents must be provided before they can commence their schooling at St Joseph’s.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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