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What's Up this Month?

2/6 Spirit Event

2/7 College T-Shirt Day

2/13 LOL

2/14 Valentine's Dance

2/15-2/18 NO SCHOOL

2/20 Spirit Event

2/27 LOL

2/28 Open House

What's Up Next Month?

3/6 Spirit Event

3/13 LOL

3/20 Spirit Event

3/27 LOL

Advisory Video Announcements:


Spirit Events: Every second and fourth Wednesdays!

ASB hosted a spirit event on Wednesday, January 30 where the contestants wrapped streamers around their arms!

The eighth grade girls won the spirit event! Don't forget to join us at LOLs the first and third Wednesdays of every month and spirit events the second and fourth!

What a great Spirit Week! Congrats to Donoso and Hale's advisories on the amazing win.

On the first day of Spirit Week, competitors were greeted with a challenge when they had to blow a bubble through a hula hoop.

In this enjoyable spirit event, contestants had to figure out the movie or character from a sequence of emoji.

These Santanas passed the ball to each other while making their way through an obstacle course.

Santanas had to solve riddles in this spirit event.

This was the spirit event to win it all at the Strive assembly.

Our second trimester Strive assembly was amazing! There was awesome performances by the Home Ec class, ASB, cheer, ASL class, band, and a guest speaker. Also, Santiago's Strivers were awarded, as well as our spelling bee champions, and top readers!

These Santanas have made it to the district round of the spelling bee competitions! Aidan Polanco, Sarah Guor, Joanna Thomas, Logan Formagus, and Brenton Lively, congratulations!

The teacher game at the Strive assembly was a interesting and exciting game for all Santanas to enjoy! Mr. Van came out victorious!!

All Strivers were recognized at the Strive Assembly on Friday, January 18.

Mrs. Huber performed her apron dance for all of the Santanas.

ASB performed a skit for the school at the Strive assembly.

The Eighties Ladies gave us a great performance, continuing the awesome tradition!

The Santiago Cheer Team performed a few very amazing cheers, dances and stunts at the Strive Assembly!!

Ms. Baden was our guest speaker at the Strive Assembly! She taught Santanas a great lesson about responsibility and integrity!

The football and PALS teams did a great job at the car wash and raised a lot of money for after school sports!

What's trending this month?

Balloon cars made in 8th grade science classes.

Congratulations to all the all stars that made the all star breakfast on January 16.


ASB Member of month is


Kalena Lenz is a very positive person! She always has a bright smile on her face. She is a very kind hearted friend to have. If you have any questions, feel free to ask her any questions or anyone else on ASB.

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