Every Athletes Dream Adit Ganapathy, working with Arjun Bhamra, Eeshan Zele and Nishant Sharma

An Image from our group

We took a series of pictures, all representing sports, mainly soccer and cricket. We decided to represent these two sports by placing equipment used in them and taking pictures from different angles. We chose this theme because all of us love the two sports. As you can see, we have got equipment from the two sports mentioned above.

Image by Arjun Bhamra

This picture represents football only. This picture was taken by Arjun Bhamra. A true lover of Soccer. In this picture, there are soccer shoes, a soccer ball, sling bag of a soccer team and bottles. All of these items relate to football in some way and thats why this image is dedicated to Soccer only

Taken by Aryan Mehta, editted by Adit Ganapathy

This image represents different kind of sports, like cricket. soccer and athletics. These sports are also represented by different equipment, mainly shoes and footballs or cricket balls. We have shown bottles to represent sports as a whole. I have editted this picture to refine the look of it and make it look a lot more focused. As you may see the picture is lighted up and is dark around.

Group Picture

As you may notice, this is the same picture as the first one, except and little more edited and cropped. I cropped the two bottles on the sides as I wanted to focus on the central bit of the picture which is the shoes, footballs and cricket ball. I have edited the picture to give it a kind of retro look. Because I feel it looks pretty cool.

Shuttle Cock from Group Picture

I have zoomed into the Shuttle cock as it is kind of the ''odd one out'' because there are at least two items that represent the same sport. Which is not the case for the shuttle cock. I have also done this because I want the picture to focus on everything. This item does not have much in the picture. Therefore I have done this.

From Group picture. Edited by Adit Ganapathy

I have made a two photo grid because these two items represent two of my most loved sports. Do not think that I like football better because the picture is bigger. I love both sports equally. I have added some effects to it as it is the only thing in the pictures. It would be better if it was edited. Instead of just the plain picture

Photos by Aryan Mehta

I really like this picture because it represents the sports I like. The new effect adds a lot to it. I also like this picture as it is not too cramped, like the others. I like photos like this as the items are spread out and you can see all the objects properly. The other picture is the same setup, but taken from another angle.I have put the same effects into both of them to just show the differences.

Photos by Group. Edited by Adit

We have taken three pictures, with the same setup, but from different perspectives. In the first one, I have but an impala kind of look, with the look of dapple. I have done this because I really like the effect and how they go together. The second one is like a poster. I really like the photo as it represents me as a person. It represents the two sports I love playing. The third one is another closeup. We a silk and watercolors kind of combo. It adds a lot to the color. It also looks kind of old because everything is the same color.

The Original picture without any edits

This is the original picture which we


This picture also represents me as it represents one of my favorite sports. I have added the dapple kind of effect to make it look a little more blur. I have lighting from both sides so that the image is not too dark.

These photos show the same concept, but with different lighting. Image 1, has the light shining from the left, whereas the other, from behind the camera


This is our group


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