You Will Die... If you don't read this article about cholesterol

What is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is part of the sterol type compound. It is needed in the body to keep a balance of lipoteins.

What is HDL & LDL?

Both HDL and LDL are both needed to keep a balance in the body for it to function properly.

HDL foods are usually referred to healthy fats. HDL helps transports wastes to the liver because too much cholesterol can clog arteries in the body.

LDL is used to transport cholesterol to the cells in which they need to function properly and move around the body. Too much LDL can clog up arteries making it hard for blood and oxygen to transport around the body when needed.

Simply too much cholesterol can clog arteries and is hard to rid of.

How are both HDL & LDL associated with heart disease?

Many doctors fear the worst for their patients, mainly because cholesterol is an invisible killer.

How to monitor your Cholesterol levels so you don't die.

One way to monitor your cholesterol is to use a lancet and lipid monitor.
Any cholesterol level under 200 mg/dl is considered safe but any level higher than 200 is deemed dangerous.

How to lower your Cholesterol levels so you don't die.

Mainly to change your LDL and HDL levels, you should start eating heart healthy foods.

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