4B4 Maddie Bruno Ellis island

My name is Eiffel I came from Paris France and I remember Looking through my bed room window at night and see the Eiffel tower. When we took off I was in first class my family was rich we had a really nice room but in no way did it remind me of home. Too me it was a scary being on that boat it was crowded and i did not know what would happen to me. Someone came over to my mom and put an X on my mom. It was really smelly on the boat. Looking at some people made me sad to see all kinds of people miserable and look as if they were going to die every since i was 5 i wanted to help people.So i gave the poor people food. But the I seen something and i told my mom it was a statue. My mom shouted out LAND. In one blink of an eye people were up screaming and crying it was the most happy thing in the world. For how long we have been on that ship finally land. It was the most beautiful site in the that I will never forget. Now i live in Evergreen Park Illinois and I am a nurse.

This is a map of France

Pictures of the Statue of Liberty

1.It was a gift from France 2.She wears a crown with 7 rays 3.the rays stand for the 7 continents. 4.She has a tablet the says July 4th,1776 in roman numerals.

  • .I like the adios
  • I like the pictures and seeing what it was like
  • I liked hearing how happy people were seeing the Statue of Liberty



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