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Our Zoo

What is a zoo?

A zoo is an establishment which contains various types of species of animals. Zoos is a animal-like designed park which is also is a big hit for tourism and entertainment. There are different types of Zoo which inhabits different species of animals, Zoos like Aquariam would inhabited animals from the ocean like Fish, Shark, Dolphin and many more. Another zoo or expedition could have different types of animals from different countries. Like some Zoos have only Australian animals, and some zoo might have Animals from Africa.

"Zoo Animals"

Visualising A Zoo

"A Lion"

A zoo had to have different enclosures with different species or types of animals in the enclosures. There must also be a good fit or connection between each enclosures, through each sections of enclosures have a different theme. An example would be: Sealife, Outback, Savana, and etc, the list could go on.

The enclosures between each should have a good bond with each animal inside each enclosures, like putting a Outback animal next to an Ocean enclosure would not match and would not represent a real theme of that section of Enclosures.

We use this information to form a visualised understanding of what a zoo looks like and what it includes within it, and gives readers a better understanding if they haven't seen or been to a zoo.

"A Harambe"

Questions About A Zoo

What Animaks Should we puT in one enclosures?

There are different ways animals can react or respond to different animals. Some animals may not react nicely or respond and act as kind as they normally do between themselves. Each animal enclosures should have the animals species or a relative species in it for it doesn't a bad mix with the animals and the interaction and entertainment for the audience.

We gather this information to know the risk of why we shouldn't out specific animals in the same enclosures as this can be a big threat to not only to the audience but also to the Animals themselves.

"Zoo Animals"



To make a zoo have a good reputation and a hook to the audience like entertainment, animals, refreshment, and animal shows etc. The zoo should have Animals that the audience can have a liking to, and would entertain them. The zoo should have an attractive look which hooks the audience. Exhibits should have a type of theme like a specific type of animal for the audience would have a good understanding of what expedition section their are in. They should be refreshments for not only the animals but for the audience while they experience the exhibition.


A zoo shouldn't have mixed animal species in one enclosures or mixed exhibition wouldn't attract the audience and would make the zoo have bad reputation. Mixes like prey and predators in one enclosures would create a bad exhibit which would not create any attraction to the public and the audience. Without refreshments for the audiences as they walk past the exhibit, they wouldn't feel very comfortable through the exhibition and wouldn't enjoy it that much.


Audience should watch the animals in a fun way. Animal shows and animal feeding will entertain the audience and a way for the audience to learn things from the animals themselves. Education is a big event for little kids who want to learn more about the habitats, animals, and how survive in their own environment. Kids and parents can learn new things from the different exhibits.


Animals that are not treated well or not nursed will have a negative affect to attraction. Having a least experienced Employee taking care of the animals, while showing the audience could lead to in-expected animal attack.

This information provided a range of possibilities both negative and positive which shows the different events and activities that can happen in a zoo. The information was split into a SWOT group which was an easier way to provide this type of information.

Acceptable Zoo


"A Deer?"

Unacceptable Zoo


"A duck"

These links lead to different website that have one Successful zoo and the other shows a not Succesful zoo. Showing these data and information can show what to expect at a Succesful zoo or a average zoo.

Vein Diagram

"Vien Diagram"

The diagram shows the things a Acceptable Zoo and what a Unacceptable Zoo has. This shows the expectations of what a zoo should have. We use a Vein Diagram to show the different things a Zoo would need and what it doesn't, it is also a easier way to represent this type of data.

Definition Of Creavity

the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness. Creativity is the reason for the creation of everything like Art, Music, Movies, and different things.

"firms are keen to encourage creativity"

What We have Learnt

At Week 8. The STEAM Team went on a Excursion to Dream World to have a look on the new and improved Tiger Island. We infromed by the workers and the offical designer who explained everything we needed to know about the zoo, the safety, the threats, and the different opportunities and experiences they had. I created a video of the scenery, the walk, and the adventure we had a Dream World.

"Thumbnail Cover"

Tiger Island

"Tiger Island"

Little Bits

We learnt how to use little bits which can be useful for our Model of our zoo. We learnt how to use, Lights, Buzzers, Door Systems, and many more. Using these options, we can use them to create our enclosures like the Lights could be used for the lighting for animals at the dark, and the Door System can be used to enter into different enclosures.

"Little Bits"

The Asian Zoo

Our zoo has theme for "Asian Animals". The zoo Expediton and enclosures will have different types of "Asian" Animals from all around Asia. Each enclosure will have a different size and shape for each animal, not all animals will have the same size, weight, and appearances, as well as how many we can fit in one enclosures


Through the zoo's our group are growing ideas for the animals enclosures and how they can be taken cared for, we are still wondering how many we can fit and what animals we are taking but I have taken a recommended aspect of what animals would be a good thumbs are for the zoo as well as the sizes of the enclosures. We want to be sure that the enclosures can give the animals enough freedom for them to move around.

"Recommended e animals (there are more) and accurate enclosures size"

Not all of the shapes in the diagrams above will be the same, we are planning all of the enclosures to be a shape that the animals can move freely and to find amusing than just a rectangle shaped enclosure. The miniture zoo design will be made out of cardboard and 3D print material, the animals will be made out of 3D print since it would be easier to make more than cardboard and other material.

Using animal shows will entertain the audience or viewers, this will make the zoo more than a place where you watch animals, we want the Audience to interact with animals. Using educational signs or videos around the zoo can Inform the audience all around the zoo which gives them a better understanding of the animals around them.

Created By
Imanuele Concengco


Created with images by Wow_Pho - "animal koala nature" • Aboeka - "lions zoo animal" • Alexas_Fotos - "monkey gorilla zoo" • birder62 - "giraffe animals zoo" • Mbragion - "giraffe zoo animals" • Joachim_Marian_Winkler - "tiger siberian tiger cat" • skeeze - "sumatran tiger tiger big cat" • skeeze - "lion feline big cat" • PublicDomainPictures - "animal ape black" • diego_torres - "deer animal richmond" • Harald_Landsrath - "goose geese head animal" • Huskyherz - "grasshopper insect nature" • Mbragion - "giraffe zoo animals" • WimdeGraaf - "horse nature animals" • Yolanda - "meerkat africa animal" • winterseitler - "little fox animals nature" • diego_torres - "deer animal richmond" • pixel2013 - "duck duck bird winter" • nikko - "chair furniture writing" • tunasugraph - "vectors vector girl" • Foundry - "graffiti street art quote"

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