Resources for Parents New to Homeschooling If your kids are out of school and you want them doing more than games and TV

So, you're at home with the kids...

It's important to keep your kids occupied and entertained during this unanticipated stay-at-home period, but you probably would not want them to fall too far behind in their studies while school is out of session. Here are some resources to help with this:

A frequently updated list of resources being offered free to those teaching online -- including home schoolers, compiled and updated by Google Education. It's a massive spreadsheet, so it may take some time and effort to go through, but there are tons of free resources listed!

Khan Academy Kids has put together a list of different curricula for different ages and levels that you can have your kids follow. Breaks, free play and meals are even included! Might work better for older, self-directed kids.

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