Protest Song Mini-Project By: Davison Heins

Song time - 1:10 - 1:50

Bob Marley-Jamaican singer-songwriter, musician and guitarist -1945 - 1981

Song - Redemption Song - Released: 1980

other songs - Buffalo Soldier, Stir it up, Jamming

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery None but ourselves can free our minds - suggests that the people he were singing to have the opportunity to break free from any bonds. These lines were taken from a speech given by Marcus Garvey, a Jamaican political leader who was a proponent of the Pan-Americanism movement

Have no fear for atomic energy Cause none of them can stop the time - Modern technology is not all powerful

How long shall they kill our prophets While we stand aside and look - This referrers to the death of MLK, and JFK.

The song is inspirational and pro civil rights talking about freeing from mental slavery.



Created with images by Luiz Fernando Reis MMF - "bob_marley 13" • monosnaps - "Bob Marley"

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