Rainforest Animals Elizabeth

Rainforest's are extremely humid areas of land : perfect for animals to reproduce and thrive! This wide ranging bio-diversity can be found in all the rainforest: canopy, understory, forest floor and emergent layer. All the animals have a specific job either to help a tiny sapling germinate; to be a pollinator and many others- keep on reading to find out more!

The Crested Gecko Lizard

Often found in the emergent layer (the highest layer of the rainforest) the Crested Gecko Lizard is a reptile with vertical pupils. This amazing climber uses his special tail as a fifth limb: no wonder it lives in the highest layer! It is a pollinator- an animal which causes plants to make fruit- so it plays a crucial part in the rainforest's of New Caledonia,Australia. It is an omnivore- which means that it eats small bugs; fruit with seeds and flying insects.

The Giant African Millipede (otherwise known as the Archispirostreptus Gigas)

Slow and smooth,gentle and shiny, the Giant African Millipede can be found crawling on the forest floor in Africa. Their hard eco-skeleton shell protects them- like a shield- from vicious predators. It's antennai is its way of hearing, smelling and seeing: additionally it uses its 400 legs as a way of feeling and touching. Like all the other incredible animals in this text, it has a job. It is an detritivore(it feeds on dead organic materials, especially plant detritus!) another important job. Also, it lays 300-400 eggs every time it reproduces!

The Red Foot Tortoise

The Red Foot Tortoise is a land based reptile which is an omnivore. The Tortoise used to live in the rainforest of America but due to deforestation had to evacuate to to grasslands in South America. Their shell has a layer of bone and kerptin to keep it protected. However, it can not live without it for even a minute! It can live for up to 50 years. In 1 hour it travels...100 meters


Created with images by Victoria Reay - "Rainforest" • tropa66 - "butterfly insect central america" • Zaahir Moolla - "Side Profile" • Dick Culbert - "Chelonoidis carbonaria" • pellaea - "Interior Rainforest"

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