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Come to the Southern colonies for plantation economies!

The 4 southern colony states-Maryland, Virginia, the Carolina's, and Georgia.

Reasons for Founding

Maryland was started because Catholics wanted a safe to live. It was founded by George and Cecil Calvert. The Carolina's and Virginia were started mainly for business and money. The Carolina's were founded by 8 lord proprietors. Georgia was founded to block the Spanish from attacking. James Oglethorpe, the man sent to lead Georgia decided to go to prisons and recruit the prisoners as a way to pay off their debt. Most of the Southern colonies were not found for religious reasons (except for Maryland) unlike the Middle and North colonies. They were mostly founded for money/business (Carolina's and Virginia) or to block the Spanish from attacking the more precious land (Georgia.)

The main reasons to colonize the Southern colonies was for money and business.


The soil and land in the southern colonies were very fertile and great for growing crops. The Southern colonies were bigger than the New England and Middle colonies because of their big plantations grown in the south. Some natural resources included the rich soil, tobacco, cotton, and indigo.

Tobacco was a major cash crop in the Southern colonies.


The climate in the south was warm and had long growing seasons. The crops grew well in the South because of the warm climate and long growing season.

The Southern colonies were very hot and humid. The hot sun and warm weather made growing crops easier.


One main way that the people in the south made money was by growing crops and selling them on plantations. Some crops that were sold for a lot were indigo and tobacco. Other crops that were grown for money were cotton and rice.

Indigo made a pretty purple color that could dye your clothes.

Servants and Slaves

Since the plantations in the south were so big, farmers couldn't work on the plantation by themselves. So instead they would take indentured servants or slaves to help do their work. In the video below, it explains how the life of an indentured servant and slaves are.

Slaves working on a plantation.

13 Original Colonies

These are the 13 original colonies. They were the first, original states founded in the new world. The states shaded in green are the Southern colonies. In the link below, try to label the 13 original colonies correctly.

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