The first (albeit abbreviated) blog of the year!

We are using rivers as a theme this year. We are starting with a story called the City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau (because I like it). Using the story as a starting point, we will explore the role the river has in allowing the city to exist.

Our version of the story is in graphic novel form which the images drawn by Nicklaus Asker and the words adapted by Dallas Middaugh.

Using readers theatre to act out the story.

We started to think about the book using a technique called readers theatre where the children act out the story using narrators to fill in the story told through images in the book.The idea is that it helps children to focus on the images rather than simply glancing at them. It’s quite hard as we discovered....

Mayor Cole with his bag of jobs.

A central figure is the mayor. Here he is holding a bag full of jobs which the children pick at random at the end of their school life. Did year 4 think this was the best way. No. We though applying for jobs would be fairer. We also had a think about the different sorts of jobs that might need doing. No one fancied being a sewer engineer... can’t think why!

So where will rivers come in? Irrigation, food, drinking water, transport, hydro electricity... endless opportunities for learning and endless opportunities for things to go wrong. In Ember that is!

We are focusing on our hockey and netball skills outside of the story.