Valdivia Eartquake 1960 BY Brooks C. allen

Natural disasters strong enough to destroy cities, bring down buildings tall enough to touch the sky, and wipe out thousands of people, and leave thousands more injured, homeless, and dead well this disaster is an earthquake. The Valdivia Earthquake happened in Chile South America in 1960. This earthquake was one of the most powerful of earthquakes to be recorded with around a 9.5 earthquake, but how did this affect the landscape , why did this happen in the specific spot, and what happened.
The Valdivia earthquake affected the landscape by destroying vegetation, for example the during the earthquake buildings collapsed crushing trees or any plants near or around it polluting the surface. Then a tsunami is triggered by the earthquake wiping out any surviving vegetation. The valdivia earthquake also may have affected the landscape or surface by creating a fault zone. A fault zone is where a crack opens up in ground when there is a transform boundary,which in this case can destroy structures, kill, or seriously injure people, which is the reason for the deaths of 5,000 people and the other 2 million homeless.That is how the landscape was affected.
The Valdivia earthquake happened where it did because the Nazca plate and South American plate have a transform boundaries. A transform boundary is where two plates slide opposite ways rubbing against creating earthquake (which is what happened for the Valdivia earthquake). Transform boundaries can be extremely dangerous especially when next to an ocean (Pacific ocean). And when the two plates were activated an earthquake was made which triggered a tsunami which is the reason for the destruction of Chile’s cities.
What happened? What happened was an earthquake was created by the Nazca plate and the South American plate. Which triggered a tsunami wiping out any vegetation, and killing and injuring thousands of people. And that is what happened in the 9.5 Valdivia earthquake in 1960.
Unsurprisingly earthquakes can cause an enormous amount of damage, from the tsunami triggered by the earthquake to the destruction and pollution caused by the earthquake. And damage was especially caused by the Valdivia 1960 earthquake.
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