Napoleon's three mistakes By Aaron, manny

The continental system: The Continental System or Continental Blockade was the foreign policy of Napoleon I of France in his struggle against Great Britain during the Napoleonic Wars. It failed because Trade restrictions were lifted and Britain reaped the benefits because smuggling began again. However bad the Continental System was for Britain, it was disastrous for Napoleon because it backfired on him.

The peninsular campaign: In 1808 Napoleon made a second costly mistake because Portugal was ignoring the Continental system.Napoleon's troops were ambushed by the Guerrillas and then they fled into hiding Napoleon lose about 300,000 men during the Peninsular campaign.

The invasion of Russia: The French invasion of Russia, known in Russia as the Patriotic War of 1812 and in France as the Russian Campaign, began on 24 June 1812 when Napoleon's Grande Armée crossed the Neman River in an attempt to engage and defeat the Russian army.In 1812, Napoleon invaded Russia with about 600,000 men and over 50,000 horses. His plan was to bring the war to a conclusion within twenty days by forcing the Russians to fight a major battle. Just in case his plans were off, he had his supply wagons carry 30 days of food.

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