Why You Should Hire a Corporate Meeting Planner Author: Evan Curtis


Save more of one of the most vital resources in business: TIME

Learning a new skill or process can be difficult and will require a timely learning curve. The advantages of tasking professional meeting planners will save you countless hours to allow you to continue the operations of your regularly scheduled duties.

Some of the ways you will save time by hiring a corporate meeting planner are:

  • Learning curve of the planning process is gone
  • Vast array of proven suppliers
  • Prior Knowledge of destination and experiences
  • Peace of mind in knowing your meeting is being taken care of


The ROI of hiring a meeting planner cannot be understated

Rather than hiring a single individual, or even offering the project to a current employee, you're potentially losing thousands of dollars and degrading the quality of work by not investing in an entire team who will have the knowledge, resources and time to make your meeting a top priority while leveraging your total spending.

Some of the ways a meeting planner can help you save money include:

  • Purchasing power of venues and suppliers
  • Pre-negotiated contracts with hotels
  • Knowledge of the historical fluctuation of the destination exchange rate
  • Full team working on your customized plan


Tap into, and benefit from, exclusive expertise and established partnerships

Your meeting is important, but you might be overwhelmed with how many moving parts are involved with the execution of it. Professional meeting planners have years of experience working with companies who are just as dedicated to providing an excellent experience to your audience as we are.

By gaining access to a corporate meeting planner, you will see benefits including:

  • A vast array of proven suppliers
  • Can provide end-to-end execution or just fill in the gaps
  • Reduced risk with expert risk management skills
  • Full-service teams with creativity and customization at your fingertips

See how GALACTIC can increase your Return on Investment.

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