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A blog recording all the "steps" that were taken in this path that is programming. Let´s walk, won´t we?

Lesson 1: Playground Basics

Someone using a tablet

Why Apps?

I believe that apps are a strong tool in the technological society we live in. Our cellphones and tablets are in our hands each minute from dawn to Nightfall. The Industrial Revolution brought many changes, including the way people think and do things. The XIX century was so long ago, electricity has transformed itself into platforms in which we can read, write, draw, watch, laugh, hear, feel, is quite amazing how we cant taste anything yet though. In the apps that I use, Whatssap, Facebook, PowerPoint, Netflix, Twitter, Instagram, Clash Royale, Snapchat Fruit Ninja, Word, BlackBoard, my "necessities" are fulfilled. I believe that technology has add us many "needs" that in reality we don´t need to survive. I mean, we could write in paper, talk with people in real life, grab a mug and drink some coffee with a pal. Apps had taken us away from the now and today so that we could be in another now and another today. We do things for likes, and Apps are the tools that we, as a society, use to disappear.

In the apps that I download, I can entertain myself in death time (Clash Royale, FruitNinja), I can write stories (Word) and inspire myself (Netflix, Twitter), , I can see my friends, trough a black mirror (Facebook), doing stuff (Snapchat) and I make give them a heart (Instagram). I download them because everybody had them. I use some, as Bb, Ppt or Word because school makes me to. I think that apps have made themselves useful because it is a "easier" and "efficient" way to do things.

Lesson 2: Naming and Identifiers

Some scramble post-its

Idea Storm

Ideas are ideas, thoughts of our imagination, creativity is the power that gives them life, ideas are dangerous, yet beautiful things. Apps can make almost everything, there´s an app for even things that you haven´t even thought before. I have some ideas

  • App that counts food calories
  • App that automatically does make up to pictures
  • App that can actually translate accurate texts
  • App that can hold free stories, a writer friendly app
  • App that shows the chemical compounds of things (I have trouble with Chemistry)
  • App that filters media news, keeping out bugs and bots
  • App that controls how much you eat, and is linked to your diet, and when you eat more than you should, it start ringing and shouting "You are eating more than you should" and it cann´t stop. It will help people with any autocontrol

Lesson 3: Strings

A random audience

Who´s your audience?

People may use anything, no matter their age, gender, race or religious beliefs. Yet, certain things are used more by certain people. I think that being a teenager and living my teens makes me focus more in apps that may make easier the life of teens. Apps that belong to the social media, such as Snapchat, Whatssap, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, are focused for people that want to be connected to the world, by news, people´s opiniones, pictures, videos, etc. I want to have as an audience teens, young adults, people of my age


Lesson 4: Hello World

a Printer´s first words
Why did you do it Kim?!

App dive

I believe that some of the apps that I use the most, because of their effectiveness, are facebook, Fruit Ninja, Powerpoint, Word, Excel, Instagram. Other apps, like Snapchat, Twitter, Netflix, even Blackboard, are really tricky to me. Those are the apps I use the most, no matter if they are easy, or hard to use

I know that if an app, as good as it is, cann´t be use properly but he user, will fail. A basic app, with basic abilities, that is accesible and easy lo learn how to use will succeed. Instead, an app that may solve world hunger of homophobia, if it cann´t explain itself, or hides beneath its "greatness" is doomed to fail. I believe that big graphics, tutorials, explicit rules and restrictions, hand by hand to great reputation will make an app not only succeed, but to transcend into history. Basic, but effective, is better than Advanced, yet, complex, ask Angry Birds

Lesson 5: First Step

baby steps? Boy one´s instead
Mirna`s and José`s first step

Problem Solvers

If we look back to the first "Brainstorm" this website holds, a common problem this solvers fix are diet problems, camera innovation and story telling. I think that the app that can calculate the calories you consume will change the way people register what they eat. I believe that many adults do not eat, or eat, something, because of ideas they have over what they are putting on their mouths. If you could only pass your phone over your plate and know exactly how any calories it holds, diets, and following them, will jumo to a whole new league.

Lesson 6: Functions

this ain´t math
Counting Stars

Ideas Seeking Solutions

My app will create collages and videos, with better resolution and music because in this digitalized world, memories are trapped in screens, let´s decorate their jails. Using technology in our favor will please the grandparents of the future when they go back and watch a collage that can move back in 2017.

Lesson 7: BoogieBot

Spin like it´s ´67

Click on the link, watch some boogie moves

Feature Smashing

Camera will obviously come to the stage in our app. GPS to track location of the memories, touchscreen to enlarge the ideas, to try to touch the past, Bluetooth to share it with whom you love, this are the tools our App "Collage Master" will use to fix itself and become larger, bigger, better, stronger, a reality.

Lesson 8: Constants and Variables

Let Gravity = 9.8
How you mix chicken and soup? Is so ridiculous

Idea Storm... Again

  • Addaptability with both, iOs and Android, after all these are the most used celular systems in the world.
  • Social Media integration, to be able to share, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, the collages with the world
  • Bluetooth and sharing systems, allowing the users to easily share with their loving ones their collages
  • Ability to personalize the "desktop" of the app
  • To insert Boomerang and gifs to "move" the collage
  • Protection to the user´s images and privacy, running with cookies
  • Do not require internet to function, it can work offline
  • Download user´s music
  • Contact with creators to facilitate the constant updates and generating an easier app

Lesson 9: Types

It is (basic) math

Do your research

There are many apps that can do collages. Many have filters, stickers, themeplates. Many have a price to use "special" and "unique" frames. Many are compatible with Facebook and Instagram. Some ask for purchase to download the image. Few actually include gifs. I think that our Collage Maker is a great idea, and that it can compete in the market. We do this for fun after all.

Lesson 10: Parameters and Results

Designer Apps

We think that having clear bottons, that can express easily what they do. Whites are of the escnce, so that they do not take attention from the collage that the users make. We need to be really carefull when new images appear so that they can still be reachful to the users to stack and edit them. We believe that our app need to stay simple yet be able to create great things, whites because the creations will be colorful.

Lesson 11: Making Decisions

First Impressions

The logo of the app has already been displayed to the teacher, we think that it call attention and invites the user to actually create. The first glance that they get once they downloading it will be a "Start Creating", "Let´s become a Master" or even "Your Collages live within yourself". And after that some utility bar that explains which botton does what so that they can get the way the app works right away. The first impression is always the most important, and we must give a smile that brings confidence.

Activity: Hour of Code

a well-earned success

Lesson 12: Instances, Methods and Properties

Lesson 13: QuestionBot

Lesson 14: Arrays and Loops

Lesson 15: Defining Structures

Lesson 16: QuestionBot 2

Lesson 17: Actions and Outlets

Lesson 18: Adaptive User Interferances

Lesson 19: Enumerations and Switch

Lesson 20: Final Project

Lesson 21: Whats´s Next?

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