Brenau University Hosts Health Science Event for Prospective Medical Students By Karlie Dobbs and Caroline Coleman

At the Gainesville Downtown Center of the Arts, the health sciences department of Brenau University hosted their 1st Health Professions Day by leading several prospective students from surrounding high schools through a series of interactive medical education activities.

Students from over 10 high schools with in the Dawson and Hall County districts submitted applications to be able to attend this event. Some of the activities included in this event were simulations involving sterile blood using chocolate pudding and demonstrations of impairment with “drunk” goggles. Dr. Jim Lewis, Dean of the Health Department, gave an exclusive inside look at the cadaver lab, which is only accessible to current students at Brenau University.

Several times a year, Brenau hosts a day for different departments to offer a student experience to high schoolers who are interested in going into a specific field of study. Today is the first time the university has hosted a day for the Health Science professionals.

Students walking to their next activity

Caroline Mutch, a staff member of the Admissions Department at Brenau, explained how the university offered a unique opportunity for students interested in coproating a health science degree with other professions.

“We have a small number of students choosing dance or equestrian therapy as their degree,” Mutch said. “These students get the experience to integrate two of their biggest passions as a career.”

Kelly Peters, the assistant to the Dean of the Health Sciences Department, expressed her enthusiasm for the large amount of students that turned up for the event.

Students practicing vision impairment with “drunk” goggles

“The demand for health professionals is always growing,” Peters said. “Nurses, doctors, occupational and physical therapists, psychologists are amongst the list of programs offered at our school.”

Peters continued to emphasize how the nursing department hosted the largest number of students at Brenau.

“We see a huge influx of students accepted into the nursing program every year,” Peters said. “The average number accepted into this program alone is 64 students.”

Suwanee Pernada, a freshman in the Psychology Department, gave insight to her experience as a student.

Students practicing how to be sterile without getting chocolate pudding on them while taking off their gloves.

“At first I chose biology as my major when I first came to Brenau,” Pernada said. “Then I became intrigued by what the Psychology Department offered. I have a lot family members with mental illnesses and I have found that within this major, I am able to understand them more.”

Pernada explained how she has learned that the illness schizophrenia is not always associated with criminals or dangerous individuals.

“Brenau has offered me the tools to be able to help others with people who are feel isolated because of their illness,” Pernada said. “Schizophrenic patients are just normal people who have other people talking to them in their minds while they are having regular conversations with real people.”

Brenau faculty also presented scholarship opportunities to the high schoolers who participate in these programs. With these events in place, the university hopes to see student population increase in the upcoming semesters.

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