April showers At the top of Butcher's Hill, Leeds

A huge expanse of grassland separates Spen Lane (at the top of Butcher's Hill) from the suburb of West Park. An educational centre has been demolished and all traces have almost entirely disappeared. All that remains is the car park.

I pulled into the car park in order to photograph the Spring blossom against the slate grey sky that loomed on the horizon...

My little car stands in the light, against the background of the black clouds

Like the other people about, I had no idea of which direction those clouds were moving in... or how fast they were moving.

No point in hurrying ?

It was only after I had parked my car that I saw that the clouds might be heading our way. I had a leather coat on, in the pocket of which I was carrying a fully water-proof camera. So I began to think about capturing the changes in the light as the storm passed over...

Away from the storm clouds the sky was still bright and filled with light...

The afternoon sky was still radiantly spectacular

Suddenly small hailstones began to bounce off the ground. I turned for the car but changed camera quickly in order to face up to the downpour.

The hailstones were small, the winds icy and, for a while, fierce

The sudden gusts of wind would have been too strong for the umbrella I had brought with. Next time I am caught in a storm I will remember to use flash to pick out more of the downpour.

The clouds pass overhead.
Such dark, low clouds
It was a relief to shelter in the car for a few minutes from the icy winds and pelting hail
The storm was brief. The dark clouds passed and brilliant blue April skies reappeared.
The downpour beneath the departing clouds
Time to shake ourselves dry and make for our next stop
Created By
Lloyd Spencer


Copyright Lloyd Spencer

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