Adventure By: Ramzy Olson

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition of the word “adventure” is, an “exciting or dangerous experience." The etymological definition would be “that which happens by chance, fortune, luck,’ from Old French aventure (11c.) and ‘chance, accident, occurrence, event, happening,’ from Latin adventura (res) ‘(a thing) about to happen... to come to, reach, arrive at’ (Harper).

According to me, the definition of the word “adventure” would be, a sight seeing journey, a trip from reality for a while or even a life changing experience, such as going on a safari hunt, visiting the grand canyon, or even snorkeling in the ocean. I personally have never done any of the things listed above, but I have been on plenty of other adventures. Going ice fishing is always an adventure. Going to Washington D.C. and New York was definitely an adventure and a sight seeing journey. It was honestly a life changing experience also.

Two ways someone could determine if their experience was an adventure would be labeling it as thrilling or a life changing experience. In addition to the examples of a safari hunt or visiting the grand canyon, one more example would be going zip-lining in Coeur d’Alene Idaho. This could be classified as an adventure because it would be thrilling and may even make someone want to move there.

Life is an adventure for people everyday. The different paths that an adventure can lead you on is crazy. It's not something you usually think about but everyday your on an adventure. Going to college for us first years is definitely a crazy experience and an adventure all in one.

Sitting here writing this paper is definitely not an adventure, that’s for sure. Going on an adventure isn't always about going somewhere, it could simply be hanging out with some friends and making memories. Students sometimes learn things in school, just like someone going on an adventure. But however, going on an adventure is always enjoyable and different from being a student. Having freedom is much like an adventure because you can have all the freedom in the world when you are out on an adventure. If you don’t have freedom, how can you be on an adventure?

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