*Insert Funny Title About Edgar Linton* By Carter Goodard, bailey ralston, and julia wyatt

The Basics of Edgar Linton


  • Slender and youth-like in appearance
  • Pale
  • Dark hair


  • Son of Mr. and Mrs. Linton, who are dead (pg. 78)
  • Isabella Linton is Edgar's sister (Later becomes Isabella Linton Heathcliff) (pg. 45 and pg. 118)
  • He marries Catherine Earnshaw, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earnshaw (pg. 78)
  • His daughter is Cathy Linton (pg. 143)
  • Resides at Thrushcross Grange (pg. 45)


  • Is gone at the beginning of the story when Lockwood arrives (Chapters 1-4)
  • Cares about his sister Isabella very much, however proceeds to disconnect with her after she marries Heathcliff (pg. 127)
  • Although married to Catherine, he is being used in Catherine's plan to eventually be with Heathcliff (pg. 73)
Edgar and Heathcliff


  • Has very strong feelings against Heathcliff (pg. 100)
  • Heathcliff and Edgar are each other's opposites, they are each other's foil (pg. 72-74)
Reader's Feeling About Edgar
  • He could stand up for himself more (pg. 99)
  • Sorry for him; both his sister and wife are pining after Heathcliff (pg. 73 and pg. 88)
  • A gentleman that does not like conflict (pg. 65)
Questions We Have

Order of Events

  • How does Edgar die/disappear?
  • How does the conflict between Heathcliff and Edgar end?

About Edgar

  • Why doesn't Edgar stand up for himself more?
  • Why is Edgar's electric bill so high?

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