Carnival Logistics Carnival 2017 - Port of Spain, Trinidad

Carnival doesn't just happen magically. There is a lot of planning and work that that occurs to make it as successful as it is. Lots of things happen behind the scenes that most people don't notice.

Each band has their own sound trucks to play the music they've selected. They have stacks of speakers driven by amps so powerful they need their own generators. As you can imagine, the music is extremely loud, so loud you can feel it.
The large bands also have their own beverage and food trucks.
For those taking full advantage of the beverage trucks this is the most essential truck.
Then there's the truck with the D.J. Gotta have a D.J.
There were also trucks with cool looking people, more D.J.'s and people who looked like they just need a rest..
And finally a truck for those that overdid it a bit.
D.J.'s kept the bands pumped and cool.
People held the banners for each band.
Rope security kept each band in place before their turn on the stage.
Each band also had an "Extraction Team" (gotta love that name) that moved the band off the stage when their time was up.
Then of course there was the official security.
Finally, media made sure that everyone who couldn't attend had the best seat in the house.
Created By
Bob Williams


All photos © 2017 Bob Williams.

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