Abortion It stops a beating heart


When a woman walks into a clinic there are two heart beats, hers and her baby's. When they leave only the woman's heart is beating. The mother doesn't realize that she's also putting herself in the risk of getting long term health issues. The fetus does feel pain which considers them as a living person.


Abortion is very harmful to the mother and causes long term health issues. When a women gets an abortion, she can get both physical and emotional pain. Once a women had an abortion when they were younger and tries to get pregnant again, they can suffer from preterm birth, miscarriages, and even cancer (Stark). In 2012, WHO estimated around 47,000 women die a year because of abortion procedures that was done unsafely (Clair). Worldwide studies have shown that 58 out of 74 studies that have been dated back to 1957 show that abortion increases the risk of getting breast cancer (Life Notes). When you’re around the 8th week of pregnancy the risk of complications increases by 30% every week (Clair). The longer you wait to get an abortion producer done, the risk of complications increases. They also put their future baby at the risk of getting health issues.

A fetus is a living person and is considered a living person at the beginning of conception. Abortion does kill a beating heart, and a beating heart is a sign of a living person. The Texas bill also classifies a fetus as a living human being (Texas observer). A fetus creates a nervous system by the first 28 days after the fertilization and the neurons are also formed (Grossu). Many people get an abortion because of their life choices.

An abortion producer may seem harmless but it causes pain for the fetus. People may not even know the amount of pain that the fetus goes through during a producer. A fetus can feel pain within the first trimester. With the nervous system built, they do feel pain during the producer. The fetus’s nervous system is built by the fourth week which means they can feel pain as early as 4-5 weeks. People may think that it would be easier to have an abortion when the fetus is still young, but the younger that the fetus is, the more pain they will be during the producer (Grossu). When a women gets an abortion and the fetus is about 20 weeks, the pain is more acutely (Grossu).


Abortion is harmful to the mother and it causes the fetus to go through a lot of pain. The pain that the fetus feels makes them a living person. If you are planning to have an abortion but are worried about the complications, you can have a live chat with someone and ask questions and learn more about abortions.

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