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The meaning of physical and economical water scarcity: The term economic water scarcity was used by the study to define situations where demand for water is not satisfied because of a lack of investment in water or a lack of human capacity.

The country Sudan

The types of water scarcity in Africa are both due to physical and economical situations.

No infrastructure and water it self

The factors that North Africa faces from the lack of safe drinking water is the government, their technology, agriculture and environment. The causes of water scarcity in North Africa are the fast growing and large population density, large areas with low and variable rainfall, poor water quality and lack of water infrastructure, such as pipelines.

As you saw the maps of the whole of Africa and Sudan, there is one thing that occurs common is that the heat of the country is just too much. Also human activities often pollute existing sources of fresh water making it unusable or expensive to treat and reuse. They also have an amount of population and natural factors such as intermittent droughts and limited freshwater reserves can cause scarcity.


The reason why I chose sudan is because it is he perfect example of where there is water scarcity, their history is unique (e.g.many wars occurred) and was one of the countries that I first heard of when I was little regarding lack of water.This also includes women walking for hours and hours nonstop getting water which is hard and this would be hard for them and farmers to.

Water availability in Sudan

The reason why Sudan doesn't have water is because of their government, their culture, the technology such as pipelines and their harsh environment.They also have no education to understand how to use water.

The sun coming up in the morning (environment).

What we are trying to do to help Sudan

The water project and a futuristic building where water will be stored and converted

The water project is helping Sudan by building wells, trying to improve its infrastructure and getting more water supplies by Rain water harvesting, sequential water use,desalination of salt water,trading water,less water - intensive crops, efficient technologies, public education and community involvement:(teaching them hygienic method to maintain and operate water system).

What is the water project

The water project is a company that helps the countries that don't have water, For example Sudan isn't a wealthy country and so the water project comes in and helps them in their scarcity of water.

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