Setting Up My Apartment By: Meghana Shenoy

Where is My Apartment?

My apartment is located in the heart of New York City. I have always liked the bustling and the noise of the city and the excitement each day brings, so has my younger sister, Navya. My sister and I have always loved the city and decided to move in together in a small authentic New York apartment. But we just moved in and we are on our way to go kitchen shopping. So far, we only have a dish and silverware set, which is the essentials, well only for now. Our apartment is two floors. Right when you walk in you see the living room, the couch is facing the door and has a nice window behind it overlooking the magnificent Central Park. To the right is the kitchen, and it is amazing. I knew that I wanted a nice kitchen when we decided to move in so I can cook. My sister is an awful cook and burns almost everything she tries to make. The kitchen is filled with the bells and whistles any professional chef would want. All the way to the left to the living room is a spiral staircase that leads up to the second floor. Right near the staircase is the small powder room with a toilet and sink, the showers are in the bathrooms upstairs. As you go up the stairs you see a couch and a tv mounted on the wall. The couch turns into a bed, this would be our "guest room". To the left of the gues room is my room. My room has a bed, a small desk with a nice chair that makes the space look elegant, and the bathroom. My sisters room is the same as mine, but she has a nicer view. My does overlook the city and looks good at night because of the lights, but my sister has the full view of Central Park (so jealous!). That is basically our apartment, I know small, but it is comfortable and has a homey feel. My sister and I love to shop at Target, so that is where we are planning on buying most of our kitchen supplies. Luckily, our apartment came with a fridge, microwave, dishwasher and oven. Now onto our list for our kitchen!

Small Kitchen Appliances

Electric Mixer

This mixer will be used to cream ingredients together when baking.


This toaster will be used to toast breads and bagels.

Mini Oven

This mini oven can be used to toast breads and heat up foods quicker than a normal oven

Panini Press

This is a panini maker, it allows you to press sandwiches and heat them up. Makes a griddle like pattern on the bread.

Food Processor

Cuts up solid foods into smaller pieces.

Nutri-Bullet Blender

Blends up piece up food and puree it. Can make smoothies.

Large Food Blender

Can blend and puree larger pieces of food than the Nutri-Bullet.

Waffle Maker

Easier to make waffles and gives it the shape of a waffle. Works like a panini press, but for the waffle press you have to add waffle batter.


Cast Iron Skillet

Can be used to shallow-fry food and make pancakes.

Steel Wok

Can be used to sautée vegetables

Melting Pot

Can be used to melt butter and boil water for teas

Sauce pan with pour spout

This saucepan can be used to make pasta sauces and includes a pour spout for easy pouring without spills


Can be used to make a grill cheese or pancakes


Can be used to make pasta sauces


Will be used for soups or easy meals on a busy day so it doesn't have to be constantly watched.


Can be used to steam vegetables


Baking Dish

This baking dish will be used to make baked pasta dishes or lasagna

Cookie Sheet

Will be used to bake cookies.

Muffin Tin

This muffin tin will be made to bake cupcakes or muffins

Cake Pans

These cake pans will be used to bake cakes

Baking Pan

This baking pan will be used to make brownies or corn bread

Bread Pan

This bread pan will be used to bake breads

Cutting Tools


This will be used to slice vegetables, fruits or meats

Pizza Cutter

This can be used to cut up a pizza into slices

Cutting Board

This cutting board will be used to place vegetables, fruits, or meats while cutting them

Cookie Cutter

These cookie cutters will be used to shape cookies

Kitchen Shears

These kitchen shears can be used to cut up meat

Cheese Knives

These cheese knives can be used slice up cheeses

Cooking Tools

Wooden Spoon

The wooden spoon can be used to stir pasta sauces


These tongs can be used to turn foods while frying


Can be used to flip pancakes


Can be used to scoop sauce or soup

Rolling Pin

Can be used to flatten bread dough

Oven Mitts

Will be used to take out hot pans from the oven or lift hot pothandles

Pastry Brush

Is used for brushing a sauce or glaze on hot foods

Measuring Cups

Liquid Mieasuring Cups will be used to measure ingredients such as milk or water
Dry Measuring Cups will be used to measure dry ingredients such as flour

Wire Cooling Rack

Will be used to cool baked goods when they come out of the oven such as cupcakes or cookies

Vegetable Peeler

Will be used to pare fruits and vegetables


Will be used to suction up meat juices or syrups, also known as basting

Can Opener

Will be used to open cans

Kitchen Safety Tips

1. Place a wet paper towel underneath a cutting board so the Baird doesn't mov

2. Always cut away from you when slicing food or cutting food

3. Watch the food and the stove closely to make sure the food doesn't burn and you don't start a fire

4. Always make sure you wash your hands before preparing a food

5. Use potholder when lifting pots off the stove

6. Use oven mitts to take hot pans or baking sheets out of the oven

7. If a fire occurs you can use water to extinguish the fire or place the lid on top of the pan

8. Dress for safety. Make sure you don't have loose sleeves or baggy clothing

9. Store large pots and pans on low shelves so it is easy to reach

10. Control clutter. Put items back where they belong when you are finished using them...of course after washing and drying them


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