it depends on your point of view it took 15 years for mine to come into focus

In the beginning

It started with a road trip my wife and I took about 15 years ago. I called it the "Grand West Tour". Starting in Santa Fe, New Mexico working our way west to four corners, Moab, Utah, then north to Salt Lake City, Utah and the half-way point was Yellow Stone Park in Wyoming. Prior to heading back to Santa Fe we met a freelance landscape photographer and his wife traveling the country in a converted minivan. The van was a little rough, but I could see the potential. I could see freedom, traveling on our own schedule, exploring things that are off the main road and it's self contained in a compact home on wheels.

This should teach me to stop thinking of things I don't actually want to happen.

Some people look and see a big black truck I see potential.

It took a year starting with a steel truck and ending with a camper van.

Add what you need and leave out the rest, keep it simple.

Three years ago I wrote a check for $33,000 and bought a truck. To late to turn back, the die was cast.

I found my truck at 495 Chrystler - Jeep - Dodge in Lowell, Massachusetts. Yes, that is 2000 miles from Orlando and no it wasn't an excuse for a road trip. You just can't buy a black truck in Florida for a very good reason. But that is what I wanted.

It must hold everything we would need for an extended period of time.

And not look like a pile of junk in the back.

So how do you power this thing?

I became aware of the need to design systems such as electric, air-conditioning and water.

Solar is the foundation of the electrical system. Go Power was the equipment we purchased from their distributor Outside Supply.


If I'm hot I won't get any sleep.

We live in Orlando Florida and air conditioning is a must. Giant Recreation World cut the hold in the steel roof and set the AC in place. It made my life a lot easier.

These accessories make camping more enjoyable.

The bike rack, ladder, roof rack and awning are all from Fiamma Inc.

2427 Forsyth Road, Orlando, FL 32807 Fax. 407-672-0093

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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Dodge Ram Pro Master Camper Van design and build. Our Van Life.

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